It's Too Cold For Angels To Fly

Gabby is your everyday 19 going on 20 year old girl, right? Wrong. She is abused, unloved, and worst of all, in love with a stranger. But when an accidental Skype call turns her whole world around, this angel's world will get completely different.


2. Why Did He Do That?

Niall’s P.O.V.:

Why did I have to call her? She is now lying on the floor, basically dead because of me. I hate myself. “Laura, get the police in here!”


“On my way!” She bolted out and it felt like only seconds until her dad came back to finish her. He saw me there, in tears over his daughter. “Hey, you little shit, get away from her! Why are you even in here?”


“She told me that I’m one of the only people she actually loves, and you sure as hell were not on that list!”


“I raised her, she didn’t even know who you were till 2 years ago!”


“Probably started the 2 happiest years of her life! Do you know what she does because of you?”


“She probably cries, but then again, every 19 year old girl cries!”


“Look at her wrists!” I pulled up her sleeves to show him all the scars and fresh wounds she had. I looked at them in awe and a tear fell off my cheek.


“Do you see what you caused?”


“I had no clue. Why would she do that?” I started to sing Iris, but he stopped me. “Why the hell are you singing?”


“Just listen.” I began again and when I got the part I wanted, I got really emotional and looked at Gabby. “And when everything feels like the movies, yeah you bleed just to know you’re alive…”


“Oh my god, she does that make sure that she is still alive.”


“If it wasn’t for the boys, Laura, and I, she wouldn’t be here right now!” I looked at the door and saw the police. “Niall, I got them.”


“I can see that. This man beat his daughter basically to death. Look.” I stepped out of the way and showed Gabby lying on the floor. “Can you call for an ambulance?”


“Right now," Laura demanded. “Alright, come on, men.” They ran downstairs and soon enough, the ambulance was there. “ Gabby, if this is the last time I ever see you, I just want to tell you this: you are worth something.”


Laura’s P.O.V.:

I can’t believe Gabby’s dad would do that! He seemed so nice. “Niall, that was really sweet. She would need to hear that. Wanna come in the ambulance with me?”


“Yeah. I want to be with her every minute. I’ll call the boys to come too.” I can’t believe he was calling ‘the boys’! We ran out and hopped into the ambulance. The EMT’s were right behind us. The ride took forever. We got there and went into a room with her. “Mr., are you her boyfriend?”


“No, just a friend.”


“Oh, okay. Well, she needs a blood transfusion, and her blood type is A. In the records, it says that’s yours, too. Would you like to donate blood?”


“Of course. Anything to help her.” I was escorted out of the room.


Laura’s P.O.V.:

Just as Niall left, Zayn and his Girlfriend Claudia walked in. “Hey, where’s Niall?”


“He’s giving blood, Zayn. Gabby needs some.”


“That’s terrible. The rest of the guys are behind us. Are you Laura?”


“Yeah, and you are Zayn. Gabby loves you.”




“Yeah, You are part of the whole reason she is still alive.”


“I am so honored.” As soon as Zayn said that, Niall walked back in the door. “Hey Niall. Heard you were giving blood. How’d that go?”


“It hurt, but if it meant saving Gabby, I would give all my blood.” Just as Niall said that, the nurse walked in and put the IV in Gabby’s arm. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes. I ran up to her and hugged her. “What happened?”


“Your dad beat you with your guitar right in front of Niall. We found you and got you here. You need blood, so Niall donated some. I’m just happy you're alive.”


“Niall, you really did that for me?”


“Yeah, you are so sweet. I needed to see our biggest fan live.”


“Thanks. Oh my god, you are Zayn Malik! I love you!”


“Thanks. Is what Niall told me true?”


“Yeah. It’s all true.”


Gabby’s P.OV.:

Niall is so sweet! I can’t believe he gave me his blood. It took a few days to get back to my old self, but I felt so much better when I got home. I walked into my room and saw my guitar on the floor. It had blood stains on it. The rest of my room was packed up. “Niall, why is my room gone?”


“Gabby, You are going to live with me in my flat. Your dad is gone, your mom approved and you need to stay somewhere.”


“Niall, you don’t need to do that. I can go live with Laura.”


“She said her mom doesn’t have room. What do you say?”


“Yes. I will go live with you. First, tell me where the rest of my room is.”


“Already at my flat. I took the blades out of your drawers and set everything up.”


“Thank you. Let me just grab my guitar.”




“To remind me of what happened.” We walked out the door and drove to London. His flat was so big. He led me to my room, which was almost exactly the same as at my cousin’s. “Gabby, I’ll be right back. Harry told me that he’ll stop over in a little while. Stay here.”


“Alright. See you later, and thanks.”


“No problem. Later!” He ran out the door and left me alone in his flat. I have always wanted to it, and it was just as I imagined it. A knock came to the door and echoed throughout the flat. “Who’s there?”


“Harry and Kayla! Is Niall in there?”


“No, just Gabby. I’ll be right there.” I ran to the door and swung the door open. “Hi, I’m Gabby.”


“Hi, I’m Harry, and this Kayla. We told Niall we were coming over, but I guess he left.”


“Yeah, you just missed him. He didn’t tell me where he was going.”


“Oh, well I’ve heard your story. You are perfect to me.”


“You story is so inspiring. I was just like you, until I met Harry. He changed my life.”


“Aw, that’s so cute. I met Niall over Skype. My friend got a request and he answered our call. He was so sweet. When I was in the hospital, he donated blood. If he didn’t find me, I wouldn’t be here right now.”


“Are you two dating?”


“No, just friends.”


“Oh, well I just thought, you moving in with him and him be with you a lot.”


“Don’t worry, we are just friends.”


“Are you sure?” The door opened and Niall ran in. “Oh, hey Harry. What’s up Kayla? Gabby, these are for you.” He handed me a bouquet of red roses with a card that said, ‘I am always here for you.’ I wasn’t sure what to say.

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