It's Too Cold For Angels To Fly

Gabby is your everyday 19 going on 20 year old girl, right? Wrong. She is abused, unloved, and worst of all, in love with a stranger. But when an accidental Skype call turns her whole world around, this angel's world will get completely different.


30. Three Months Later

*Three Months Later*
Niall's P.O.V.:
We were sitting on the bus on our way to our last show. When they told me about the tour, they said it would be longer. It was our mine and Gabby's four month anniversary. (By the way, she loved the beach date! Score!) She was starting to get big, and Eleanor knew something was up. She was sitting with us when she broke the silence. "So, what's new with you two?" I think she was expecting us to say the truth. She been with us for three months, so I should trust her. She makes Louis happy, which is also a plus. "Eleanor, can you keep a secret?"


"Of course."

"I'm pregnant," Gabby said. Eleanor smiled at us and laughed. "I kinda guessed. But congrats!" She leaned over and hugged us. We sat there for about an hour until we got to our hotel. We walked up to our room and threw our stuff over to the side. Gabby laid down on the couch as I walked over and sat next to her and place her head on my lap. "Niall, have you ever thought about names?"


"Of course. If it's a boy, Trevor. If it's a girl, Jordan. What do you think?"
"I like them. I was thinking if it's a boy, Connor. If it's a girl, Taylor. What do you think?"

"They're great. But we've still got five months to think about them. The names might change over time."

"You're absolutely right." I leaned down and kissed her forehead. "Gabby, you want some food?"

"Sure. What do you want to eat?"

"How about I try to cook you some pasta. I promise I won't burn the suite down."

"I've got trust in you." She sat up and watched as I attempted to cook food.

Liam's P.O.V.:
"Hey Eva. How are you baby?" It's been so long since we spoke. "I'm good. I started attending college online while you've been gone."


"Yeah. I'm alone in the flat. It's so quiet without you. Please get back soon!"

"We're on our way to our last show, so I'll be home next week. Don't miss me too much!"

"I won't. Love you. See you soon."

"Love you too. Bye." I fell onto my bed as I let out a sigh of happiness. I hope Zayn finds someone like her soon.

Louis's P.O.V.:
I can't believe it's been three months since I met Eleanor. She's perfect. It's also almost the three year anniversary our my four best friends became One Direction. Our last show is on that day, so it's gonna be special. We were sitting in our couch when Lou walked in. We were cuddling on the couch watching The Lucky One when Lux jumped on us. We sat there in a fit of laugher as we tickled her. We were suddenly rushed out of the hotel and back onto the bus. We were squished onto the couch underneath Liam and Zayn. I saw the rest of them get on as we sped down the street. I threw Liam off of me and ran for Rick. "Hey, what's going on? Why are we leaving?"


"Calm down. We found a secluded house for you and some people."

"Who?" I was so confused. The only people that I knew of were 5 Seconds of Summer, but they left the tour a few weeks ago for a little break. If its them, great. If not, we're screwed.


Harry's P.O.V.:
We pulled up to a mansion the size of the front half of the Titanic. I grabbed my stuff and walked through the garage, which surprisingly fit the bus. As I opened the door, we were greeted by 4 familiar strangers, along with some random people. "Hey guys! What's with the strangers?" I stood there, examining them, when I realized they were YouTubers. Caspar Lee, Jack and Finn, Connor Franta, and so many more. "Well," Ashton began, "they are all going to the show tomorrow. We just wanted to welcome you."

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