It's Too Cold For Angels To Fly

Gabby is your everyday 19 going on 20 year old girl, right? Wrong. She is abused, unloved, and worst of all, in love with a stranger. But when an accidental Skype call turns her whole world around, this angel's world will get completely different.


4. The Truth Is Spoken

Niall’s P.O.V.:

“Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me, but bear this in mind, it was meant to be, and I’m joining-”


“Niall, what the hell are you doing?”


“I need to tell you something.”


“I do too.”


“How about we say it at the same time?”


“Okay. 1, 2, 3.” *In unison* “I like you.”


“Wait, Niall, you like me? I knew it!”


“Gabby, you like me? Thank god! I thought this would be awkward.”


“How long have you liked me?”


“Since the moment I saw you. I saw you for you, not a face with tear stains. How long have you liked me?”


“Since the moment I saw you, too. Once I saw the real you, I liked you. I saw you for an average teenage Irish boy, not as part of an internationally famous boy band.”


“I am so relieved to hear that. I thought getting you the flowers would give it away.”


“It didn’t. I thought you were just being nice.”


“I didn’t want you to know for a while.”


“Why? I would have been fine whenever! I’m just glad to hear that you like me too.”


“Why don’t we go out tonight? I’ll treat you to dinner.”


“Sure. Where to?”


“It’s a surprise. Now, go get ready. Wear something nice.”


“Alright! Be right out.” I ran into my room and put a nice shirt on and made reservations at a fancy restaurant. I was so happy to hear that she liked me. I won’t treat her like a joke.


Gabby’s P.O.V.:

‘What to wear, what to wear.” I didn’t own nice clothes. The nicest thing I own is a cocktail dress. I slipped it on and felt pretty, for once in my life. I walked out to the living room to find Niall looking really good. “You’re looking quite nice tonight, Niall.”


“Thanks, and you too. Shall we leave?”


“Of course.” We walked out and got in the car. When we pulled up to the restaurant, I was in awe. It looked really fancy. “Niall, why so fancy?”


“I wanted to go somewhere special for my special princess.”


“Aw, thanks. You know, I’ve never been anywhere fancy before, ever.”


“There’s always a time for firsts, right?”


“Yep. Have you ever been here before?”


“Yeah, I know the owner. We can get a private room.”


“How romantic.” We walked in and stood in the front and had people staring at us. A girl ran up and gave Niall a hug. I felt a little upset. “Hello. Welcome to Sicily’s. Do you have a reservation?”


“Yes. Horan, party of two.”


“Of course, follow me.” The waitress led us to the back of the restaurant. The room was completely empty, except or a table with candles in the middle of the room. “Here you go, someone will be in to serve you.”


“Thank you.” She walked out and I sat there, looking right at Niall. “Niall, you didn’t need to do all of this.”


“I know, but I felt like it was needed. I knew you never got to do anything fancy, so I wanted to do this, for you. So, tell me about yourself.”


“Well, I was born on September 13, 1993.”


“No way! That’s my birthday too! That’s kinda weird. What else?”


“I grew up in Mullingar for the first 10 years of my life. My parents lived there all their lives, so I ended up living in Ireland.”


“That’s freaky. I grew up in Mullingar, too. Anything else?”


“I have an older sibling. She’s in college right now. That’s why I played guitar, so I could get my sister through college.”


“That’s so nice. My older brother is in college right now too. He’s also engaged. Her name is Denise. She is so sweet. I hope to find someone like her someday.”


“Shut up! I know you’re talking about me!”


“I know. Anything else interesting about you?”


“My parents only started beating me a year ago. Before that, they were pretty rich. I was the ‘rich bitch’ per say. People wouldn’t talk to me, and I was avoided at any cost. When my family finally went broke, I wasn’t rich bitch anymore, it was ‘ poor whore’ because I liked almost every guy in school. I would get home from school, see my parents, and feel ashamed. They would beat me if I didn’t agree with them, or if I did something they didn’t approve of. That’s why my dad beat me when I was on Skype with you. He doesn’t like me skyping with guys he doesn’t know.”


“That’s so sad.”


“Yeah, but I’m over it. What’s interesting about you?”


“I was never bullied.”




“I was never bullied. I was small for my age, but nobody made fun of me because I was so nice to everybody.”


“I think I remember you. Weren’t you in my first grade class?”


“Oh my god, yes! It’s weird how we meet now after our lives have changed so much!”


“Do you remember what you said to me on my last day of school back in Mullingar?”




“Other than that, smartass.”


“I’m not sure.”


“I am always here for you.”


“That’s why when I got the card it felt like I said it to someone named Gabby.”


“Freaky. Here comes the waiter.”


“Hello. What would you like to drink?”


“Can we have a bottle of red wine and two glasses?”


“Of course.” She walked away with a huge smile on her face. “Niall, you drink wine?”


“Yeah, I love it. Do you?”


“No, I was never allowed to.”


“So you’re telling me, a beautiful Irish girl has never had alcohol before?”


“It’s the truth.”


“How old are you?”


“19. We were born on the same day! You should know.”


“Oh yeah. But you’re old enough, why couldn’t you?”


“I never got the chance. I would ask my parents, but the would hog it for themselves. Selfish bastards.”


“I bet they are nice deep down. Don’t call them bastards.”


“I can’t help it. It’s the truth.”


“True. Here comes the wine. Promise you will try it?”


“I will. Well, cheers.” I took a sip of the wine and actually liked it. “Niall, this is actually good. My taste buds just started living.”


“Ha. What would you like for dinner?”


“Whatever you’re having.”


“Alright. We’ll have 2 Chicken Parmesan meals.”


“Okay. They’ll be right out for you two.” She walked away with a sinister look in her eyes. “Niall, did you see her? She looked a bit off to me.”


“I bet she’s fine. Enjoy your food.”


*Outside the room*

“Hello, yes he’s here. Bring everyone you know. See you soon”

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