It's Too Cold For Angels To Fly

Gabby is your everyday 19 going on 20 year old girl, right? Wrong. She is abused, unloved, and worst of all, in love with a stranger. But when an accidental Skype call turns her whole world around, this angel's world will get completely different.


33. She's Perfect

Zayn's P.O.V.:

I was walking with Harry since I didn't have a date, so I guess Harry was my date. I looked over and saw Gabby talking to one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. Wait, have I seen her before? Oh my god, It's Perrie. FYI Perrie and I went out for a few months, but it didn't really work out. I decided to walk over and start talking. "Hey Pezz. How've you been doing?"


"Why, hello Zayn. I've been good. You look nice tonight."


"Thanks." Damn, you can actually feel the awkward. I turned and saw Niall and Gabby had moved on to enter the arena and find their seats. "How have you girls been?"


"We've been fine."


"Well, see you in there." I turned to leave, but someone stopped me. "Zayn, can we talk?"


"Sure," I shrugged. Perrie pulled over to a spot where no one could see us, and started explaining things. "Zayn, breaking up was a huge mistake. I miss you. Do you think we can start over?" She sounded so sincere, and I could see the pain in her eyes. "Come here, babe." I pulled her in for a hug. "I missed you too, and of course we can start over."


Louis's P.O.V.:

As we walked, I could tell that Eleanor was a bit scared. "Babe, calm down. It's alright." I gave her a reassuring kiss on the cheek and kept walking into the arena. As we stepped through the doors, our jaws dropped. It was HUGE. There was music blasting and people dancing. We made it to our seats, which were off to the side for nominees. I saw Niall, Gabby, and Harry already in their seats.


Harry's P.O.V.:

Well, I didn't have a date for tonight, so Zayn was my date, until he left me. FOREVER ALONE OVER HERE! Oh wait, I'm dating Kayla. As I walked, I felt so alone. Once I was inside, I kept checking my phone to see if Kayla had texted me back. She had. The text read, "good luck love! i know youre gonna kill it tonight! <3" Just one text like that can make me smile. I walked over to our seats and found Niall and Gabby already sitting there. I took my seat where it said my name and texted Kayla until everyone got there.


Liam's P.O.V.:

"Eva, you look absolutely wonderful." I kissed her forehead. Her flowy green dress complimented her perfectly. As we walked, we weren't asked relationship questions, due to the fact that we've been together for years. When we walked in, we found our seats pretty quickly. The only person missing was Zayn. I thought I saw him with Perrie, but I wasn't too sure. All of a sudden, I see Zayn walk in with the rest of Little Mix, but he was holding Perrie's hand. Let's hope this does end as fast as the last one. I pray to the gods it doesn't. He was a wreck last time, and I don't want to deal with that again.

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