Baby Love

So this is the sequal to my earlier movella called Pregnancy Love. Please go read that first before this one :) i will be posting shorter chapters on this compared to PL and I hope thats ok. It just means you'll have more chapters but any way heres the story hope you like and give me your feedback


2. Chapter 2

After our interview Liam and I signed contracts and we now the proud owners of a nice inner-city flat. It was right in the hear of London not far way from the boy and the recording studio. It also had a preschool, primary school and high school near by. All with great learning facilities. And being in the heart of London it wasn’t far from all the amazing sites; Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham palace etc.


We walked out of the interview room with massive smiled on our faces.


"I can't believe we just bought our own house. It doesn’t seem real!" I said grinning from ear to ear.


"I know! I can't believe it, I've never had to courage to make this sort of step in a relationship. But with you it all feels so natural" Liam said. I smiled up at him. As we neared the car Liam grabbed my waist and spun me around so I was now leaning againist the car, caged by his arms. I look at him and he had a sexy smirk on his face.


"What?" I said trying not to look him in the eyes, looking Liam in the eyes when he was the smirk on his face is a real turn on for me and I didn’t think right now in this place was the right time for that.


"I love you and I want to spend the weekend with you. Just you and me. Beau will be at Louis' as usual, but I want to take you somewhere. Somewhere special. Where we can be alone" he said leaning down and pressing his lips lightly on my neck. I held my mouth shut trying not to let out a sigh of pleasure knowing that’s what Liam wanted. "And when we’re there, no phones, no technology expect for the emergency number" he said. The emergency number was something Paul decided on and it was to help contact any of the boy or Paul if we needed them, Perrie, El and I have one too.


"I don’t know Liam. I want to but what if something happens to Beau. I mean I have no idea where we'll be and it will probably be somewhere remote so we won't get disturbed" I fussed, my separation anxiety kicking in.


"Babe she'll be with Louis' he is her rightful father, he'll know what to do and if anything bad does happen we'll have to emergency number and if it major we'll come home straight away. I promise" He said looking straight into my eyes.


"Fine you win" I sighed, I knew I was defeated. I had to get over this anxiety someway, and I knew that Liam has been wanting some alone time with me. He really want to go the next step in the relationship with me and I want it too. We haven't been able to since we met for obvious reasons, so now that I've had the baby there is really nothing that can stop us.


"Good" he said and kissed my lips. As we got into the car I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket. I pulled it out to realize I have a message from Louis.


From: Loubear

Hey so Beau is getting a little fussing
and we thought we would take her
 out to the park near the London Bridge.
You guys wanna come? Everyone is


I quickly reply back saying yes we'll be there and turned to Liam.


"Don't go home. Louis wants all of us to have a picnic at the park near London Bridge. It will be good for Beau as well" I smiled at him. He nodded his head and we headed to the Park


. . .

Once we arrived at the park I saw Louis' van and knew everyone was here. I walked around my hand entwined with Liam's and saw them setting up the picnic rug.


"There they are" I pointed out to Liam. He smiled and we headed over to them.


"Hey guys" Harry said getting of the rug and giving me a kiss on the cheek and hug. As soon as he did this the rest of the boys came over and did the same.


"Hey" Liam and I said in unison. As I looked around I noticed Louis and Beau weren't there.


"Oh don’t worry Cami, Louis just went to the change rooms to change her, she was smelling" Niall said pinching the bridge of his nose for effect. I chuckled and sat down on the rug.


After about 2 minutes of chatting, Louis came back over with Beau in her portable car seat and her nappy bag on his shoulder. He slowly and carefully placed the seat on the ground and came over to me and kissed my cheek.


"Hey, how are you?" Louis asked me.


"I'm good you?" I replied.


""I'm good" he smiled. Beau has been such a great influence on him, he never drinks, and always gets Beau's food, water and hygiene come before his own. Sometimes the hygiene this is bad. I heard Beau giggling and making her baby noises and leaned over and took her out of her car seat. I sat her on my lap and she started playing with my hair.


After about 10 minutes of talking Beau started to get fidgety so I put her in the middle of the blanket with my car pillow around her (A/N: the pillow you use in the car that sits around your neck).  She fidgeted a little more but soon got comfortable and went to sleep.


"I'm hungry" Niall whined. That’s when I realised there was actually no food here.


"Yeah where's the food?" I asked looking around.


"Oh it's in the van. I didn’t want to get out until we were ready to eat" Harry explained. We all nodded.


"Well go get it!!!" Niall yelled at Harry, the rest of us chuckled as Harry bolted to go get the food before Niall has another out burst.


As we all sat and waited Beau started to fuss and then she started to cry. I knew straight away that was her 'I'm hungry' cry so I picked er up and turned to Louis.


"Can you pass me the bottles?" he nodded and reached into the bag, after he searched and searched and searched,  I got a bit impatient.  "Louis where are the bottles?!?!" I asked getting frustrated, Beau was screaming and squirming and we were getting annoyed stares from other families.


"I umm I forgot to pack them" he said smiling innocently at me. I sighed and started lifting my shirt up.


"WOAH WOAH!!! What is going on here?!?!?" Harry yelled coming over all the other boys except Liam had confused and disgusted looks on their face.


"What? I'm feeding her" I said.


"But she drinks bottled milk not breast milk won't she hate it?" Louis said confused. I giggled.


"No, she drinks breast milk. It was always breast milk" I said, they stared at me with confusion growing more and more noticeable on their faces.


"Wait what?" Zayn said confused.


"I use a breast pump. It pumps the milk out of my breast into a bottle so that way I can give them to Louis and Beau won't have to miss you on the nutrient and stuff that’s in breast milk" I explained.


"But doesn't that hurt?" Niall asked.


"No it feel just like it would if she was drinking it straight from my breast. It did hurt at first but it doesn’t anymore" I said, they all nodded but I could see they were all still tense and worried about it.


"Guys you won't see anything. She'll be under my shirt the whole time. Watch" I said they all look at me and I pull my shirt up and place Beau on my chest, I brought my shirt back down covering her and then I moved my bra and she started feeding.   "See she's feeding now" I said. They nodded and we went on with our conversation.


"Oh we have some great news too" Liam said exitedly.


"And whats that? Zayn said, while eating a sandwhich.


"Cami and I have bought our own house" Liam said with a grin on his face.


The boys congratulated us and after a few minutes I felt Beau stop feeding and I fixed my bra and took her out from under my shirt, I cradled her close the my upper chests and watched as she started falling asleep.


"Why did she fall asleep so fast?" Niall asked again.


"Its just the stuff from the milk, makes her sleepy, which is good so when I feed her she'll go to sleep" I said he nodded.


It was around 5PM when we decided to leave, Liam and I said our goodbyes and gave Beau one last cuddle and we headed back to our car after a nice day with the boys.

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