Baby Love

So this is the sequal to my earlier movella called Pregnancy Love. Please go read that first before this one :) i will be posting shorter chapters on this compared to PL and I hope thats ok. It just means you'll have more chapters but any way heres the story hope you like and give me your feedback


1. Chapter 1

It's been two weeks since Beau was born and it has probably been the best to weeks of my life… apart from waking up in the middle of the night to her screaming it was good. Liam and I have been looking for a house on the market because his flat just wasn’t big enough. Today Liam and I were going house hunting and Beau was staying with Louis.


Oh yes! That’s another thing… now that the baby's born Louis could get enough of her… he would use every excuse he could to hold her, to see her, and he would even offer to change her nappies… that one I was fine with. Due to this Liam, Louis and I agreed that he would be the Godfather and Liam would be known as the father, we also agreed that once Beau was eighteen we would tell her the truth about her father. Liam and Louis were perfectly fine with this decision. One thing we also agreed was that Louis gets to spend weekends with Beau. Eleanor is completely fine with all of this which is amazing! She has been so supportive of Louis, Liam and I and I appreciate it so much, she even insisted on taking her for a week or two so Liam and I can have some privacy. I really did appreciate all of their help so much. But sometimes I needed to be with her properly, I had a connection with her that no one else had and that caused me to have major separation anxiety for the first few days, I didn’t let anyone, not even Louis or Liam touch her, I just felt so protective over her.


Liam and Louis got quite worried about this, so did the rest of the boys, they were worried that they would never get to see or hold her again. But luckily they found out it was a natural thing with new mums.


"Cami come on we have to go!!" Liam yelled from the foyer. I was in his and my room packing Beau's baby bag for the weekend she was having with Louis. Due to the amount of clothes El, Dani and Perrie bought me for her, she had her own closet at Louis so I never had to pack clothes. The only thing I needed to pack her toys and the cot, (its one of those cots you can collapse and then put back together), because she was only spending the weekend their we didn’t see the need to buy a whole brand new cot.


"Coming babe!" I yelled back and carried the cot and her toys downstairs.


"Babe you should have let me do that" Liam said as he came to help me with the cot. My body was still quite sore and fragile from the pregnancy and birth and Liam didn't want me hurting myself. I had a lot more freedom now then I did when I was pregnant. The boys didn’t let me do ANYTHING! They were always so scared that I would get hurt or the baby would. So its nice to feel independent again.


"I know,  I know, clam down Liam I'm fine" I assured him, he looks sceptical but let it pass.


"Now we have to get going or we're going to be late for our meeting" Liam said kissing my forehead. I smiled and gave him the cot and bag and walked into the lounge room where Beau was lying in her play pen, I picked her up and felt her small body mould to my chest. She was so small and precious I was scared I would break her every time I picked her up.


I walked back over to Liam and he was just staring at me.


"What?" I ask confused as I looked around.


"She has your eyes" he said dreamily. I giggled and kissed his cheek. And left the house on our way to drop Beau off at Louis'.


*Skips to Liam and Cami's meeting*


After dropping Beau off we headed over to our meeting. We have already seen some house and we had pick two which we really liked, we were meeting with a real estate agent to go over some papers and thing on the two houses and pick which was better . As we pulled up Liam stopped me from exiting the car. I looked over at him confused and he gave me the look that said 'I want to say something important'. I nodded encouraging him to continue.


"Cami we haven't known each other for along time, we clicked instantly which I am so happy about. If you weren't with me I have a feeling I would have gone back to Danielle even though she did those horrible things to me." he said I went to reply but he just shh'ed me. He continued. "Having you in my life has been the best things that’s happened to me since becoming One Direction.  You and Beau are my life now and I would give anything to protect you both you know that right?" he said, he sounded like he was worried.


"Yes Liam I know this and nothing is going to happen ok? I love you and will never leave you and Beau won't leave either ok? She loves you just as much as I do, you have no reason to worried babe" I said stroking his cheek. He nodded his head but I could still see worried in his eyes along with a slight hint of fear. What could he possibly fear? I leaned over and kissed him, he responded instantly and placed his hand on the back of my neck to bring my body closer. Our lips danced together. I was always in heaven when I kissed Liam, it was like time stopped and it was just me and him. No one else. We broke apart and I looked Liam in the eyes.


"I love you" He said.


"I love you too" I returned. "Now lets go buy our house" I said and stepped out of the car Liam following behind me.

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