One Direction's Sister

Hi my name is Sidney Blake well that's what I was called. After the moment I went on nine news everything changed. I am now known as Alexia Payne yeah that's right Liam Payne's sister.


3. Wait what?

Sidney's POV

"Wait so we're related?" I asked still not believing that I'm related to Liam Payne. "Yes," "and how are we related exactly" I asked hoping that my mum didn't adopt me. "Well, you see MY DAD and YOUR MUM are our parent and my mum and your dad are just people we are supposed to call mum and dad." He said trying to dumb it down. "oh ok so you're my brother?" I said he nodded and smiled at me. I was so exited to have a brother. "yay I have a brother I've always wanted a brother" I said hugging him."c'mon lets go tell the others." Liam said and then flung me over his shoulder. "LIAM PUT ME DOWN" I said hitting his back playfully. "ugh whats up with you two?" Kai asked. "well we have something to tell you." Liam said. "well Liam does anyway." I said in a annoyed voice. "hey are you gonna help me tell them?" "only if you PUT ME DOWN" I said then he threw me on the couch. "ha ha very funny" I said in a sarcastic voice which made everyone laugh. "Anyway It turns out that me and Sidney are brother and sisters." After Liam said that there was a silence. "WHAT?" everyone said at the same time. After Liam explained how we are related he said something to me that I never would have expected. "Umm Sidney your real name isn't actually sidney" "Wait what?" I said with a mouth full of chips. "Sidney give my chips back" Niall moaned. "No Niall sharing is caring."I said like amy usually does. "hey you stole my line. " Amy said. "it's my line now" I said to Amy. "but sharing is caring" she said in a baby voice. "fine its everyones line." I said rolling my eyes. "Sidney, give me some chips you said sharing is caring."  Niall said. "Fine" I said handing him the chip packet. "so anyways... what do you mean my name isn't Sidney!?" I half yelled. "well your mum and my dad or should I say our parents are changing your name to Alexia so your names not Sidney anymore." "oh so my name is now Alexia Payne?" I asked. "yep" Liam said popping the P. I slowly took the info in. Ok my name is now Alexia Payne I'm Liam Payne's sister and Im in a house with most famous boys in the world...AWESOME! 


Louis's POV

I Like Sidney I mean Alexia. She seems really  nice. after a log awkward silence I decided to shout out "LITS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE" everyone agreed so I moved the table so we could all sit in a circle. "ok...Si-Alexia truth or dare" wow really gotta et use to calling her Alexia. "umm...Truth" she said. "awwww" everyone moaned. "Are you a directioner?" I asked because we didn't really know. "yes boo bear yes I am" she smiled. "Ok hmm D.J truth or dare?" she asked. "err... dare" "ooooooh" everyone said as If he never said dare. "I dare you to...Jump in the ocean...fully clothed." His face dropped. "don't worry mate I'll go get a towel." I said getting up. 



Oh...Shit I knew I should have stayed with truth. "Ok lets get this over and done with." I said getting up and walking outside. God it was cold outside. "I got a towel" Louis said coming outside. "thanks" I said. "now run strait forward." Alexia said smirking." ok here goes nothing. than I ran strait forward into the water. "HOLY SHIT IT COLD." I said coming up from under water. I got out and grabbed the towel off louis and ran inside to take a shower.


Alexia's POV

I started to shiver it was really cold outside considering it was the middle of winter. than I felt an arm round me so I looked up and saw Liam. "c'mon lets go inside" he said and I nodded. "I'm gonna go to bed everyone good night" I said walking up the stares into m room. "goodnight Alexia" everyone said. I got to my room and when I was about to shut the door Liam came in. "Doesn't your big brother get a hug?" Liam said with a baby voice and puppy dog face. "Come here Li-LiI said giving him a hug. "goodnight Alex" He said kissing m head than leaving the room. I got changed in the bathroom and than went to bed and fell asleep.

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