One Direction's Sister

Hi my name is Sidney Blake well that's what I was called. After the moment I went on nine news everything changed. I am now known as Alexia Payne yeah that's right Liam Payne's sister.


5. That Son of a B***h

Alexia's POV

I woke up in Liam's bed next to him. I though I would draw on his face with eyeliner because I was full of energy cause I didn't do anything yesterday. I got up and ran to my room and got my eyeliner. I got back to the room and luckily Liam was still asleep. I drew a moustache, glasses and love hearts all over his face. When I got down stairs I started rolling on the floor laughing. "oh lord not again" Sophia said. The boys just stared at me like I was mental. "wait... you'll see" I said in between laughter. Just then Liam walked down stairs in just sweat pants. then everyone started laughing. "what's so funny?" Liam asked. By then everyone was on the floor laughing. I tried to get up and pass him a mirror but it was so hard cause I was laughing to hard. he grabbed the mirror and looked at his face. "Alex...I. Am. Going. To. KILL YOU!!!" he said chasing me. But sadly...he got me and started tickling me. "No...Li...Stop...I...I'm gonna pee" I said between laughs. "fine I'll stop but only cause I don't want you to pee your pants." he said as I ran up to the bathroom. "Niall" I moaned after I got back down stairs. "what" "I'm hungry and its your turn to get something." I said with a smile on my face. "fine I'll go get some McDonalds what do ya want?" after righting a huge list of what to get for everyone I got a phone call from...Oh no. "hello?" I said in an annoyed voice. "hey baby what's up?" My ''Boyfriend'' said on the phone. "Piss of Jason" I answered. "oh you naughty girl you know what happens to naughty girls." I could almost see his smirk through the phone. "No Jason It's Over I saw you fucking that girl behind the school" I shouted though the phone. "c'mon baby we were just having fun." he said. "Fun? FUN? YOU FUCKING BROKE MY HEART ITS OVER!!!" I hung up the phone and curled into a ball on the couch crying.


Liam's POV

"Fun? FUN YOU FUCKING BROKE MY HEART ITS OVER!!!" I herd Alex yell. "Lex are you ok?" I asked seeing as she was crying. 'No" she said still sobbing. "awww Lexi come here" I said giving her a hug. "Liam?" She asked looking up at me. "yes?" "can we go up to your room so I can tell you what's actually going on" I nodded and we went upstairs. "Well *sniff sniff* I was going at with this boy called Jason and well I really loved him...But a couple of days before the tree incident I was looking for him and found him fucking this bitch who made my life and very one else's who is here's life a living hell. You see all of us got bullied and we stick together and help each other in times of need but this time I didn't tell them about this I just left it and pretend I never saw anything." By now she was balling. "C'mon It'll be ok-" She cut me off. "I haven't finished yet. he use to rape me and abuse me and hit me" She said lifting up her top to reveal bruises and scares. "and I never told anyone so I now have scars everywhere" she finished and put her top down. "Lex why didn't you tell anyone?' I asked pulling her into a hug. "because he said if I did he would kill everyone I loved." she said still crying. "awww baby come on its gonna be ok he cant hurt you I wont let him." and I wasn't just saying that so she would stop crying I meant it. "Li?" she asked. "yes?" "can you sing me a song?" I nodded and started singing More than this


As I walk up to your door

My head turn to face the floor

Cause I cant look you in the eyes and say

When he opens his arm and hold you close tonight

It just wont feel right

Cause I can love you more than this

Love you more than this


When I finished I realised she had fallen asleep so I put her in my bed, kissed her on the head and left so she could sleep. God she likes to sleep."Liam" she said half asleep. "can you tell....everyone plea...." she drifted off to sleep before she could finish.

After telling everyone what happened everyone was crying even the boys. but you've got to admit that is very sad. we just ate in silence before Alexia came down about an hour later. "food" she said half asleep sitting on my lap. I pasted her, her food as she stuffed her face. "are you hungry" she just nodded and continued eating. "well Niall I see you found your new best friend" Harry said laughing. "shut up hazza" Alex said finishing her food. "and she beet your food eating time to" everyone started laughing.  "shut up" Niall said which even made Alex laugh. I'm just happy she's ok now.


A/N heyo Guys Hope you like the new update I will update  another chapter after this. and everyone has been asking how old Alexia and her friends are FYI there 14. Lots of love - Dory<3


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