One Direction's Sister

Hi my name is Sidney Blake well that's what I was called. After the moment I went on nine news everything changed. I am now known as Alexia Payne yeah that's right Liam Payne's sister.


1. That One Moment

Chapter 1 

I was once known as Sidney Blake but now I'm known as Alexia Payne. Yes I'm Liam Payne's little sister. It's complicated but I'll explained after I tell you a bit about myself. I have long Brown hair with green eyes but before I met Liam and the boys I had short blond hair. I love singing, dancing and hanging out with the boys.  I remember the first song I ever wrote the boys helped me out with it and Paul let us use the recording studio so I could have it as my first single. 

It was 2012 I was still in Australia. I was still a typical 11 year old and we were at sport for school. We were playing cops and robbers. It was wint so there was a storm at the same time. About half way through the game when lighting hit a tree coursing it to fall. My friend Ethan just watched as the tree fell on top of him. "Ethan" I screamed as it hit him. I rushed over to him seeing that he was still alive. "Sebastian, D.j help me move this." I said as they rushed over to help me move the tree. "Ethan c'mon wake up please" I said tears streaming down my face. "Some one call an ambulance!" I said as I watched the teacher, Mrs Catherine walk over and stare in amazement. "Call a bloody ambulance!" I yelled as her attention turned to me. "Oi watch your language missy!" She yelled. "For god sakes" I said as I ran into the office to get the lady to call an ambulance. "Quick call an ambulance a tree just fell on Ethan." I said in hysterics cause my best friend was about to die. She nodded and grabbed the phone. I ran out to an angry teacher. "Look here missy your language is horrible I'm gonna have to tell your parents." She said waving a finger in my face. I just stood there in disbelief. "Are you serious!?" I yelled. "My best friend is about to die because of a tree falling on him. And you're worrying about my language when you should be worrying about a student that is about to bloody die!" I yelled falling into a deep sob. 
Just then the ambulance arrived. I ran over and showed them where Ethan was lying. "Thanks you miss Blake he should be fine" the nurse said giving me a comforting smile. "Thank you" I said to her as she left in the ambulance. I just slid down on my knees and sobbed into my hands.  "C'mon Sid lets go inside" my friends Ella and Ellie said helping me up. Once we got inside I sat next to Ella and Ellie. I cried into Ellie as Ella stroked my hair.Once the day was over I was relieved because I could go to the hospital.

When we finally got to the hospital I ran inside to the front desk. "Excuse me miss but where can I find Ethan Smith?" The lady looked like she was in her late 20's "floor 2 room 184" she said with a friendly smile. "Thanks" I said returning a smile before running of to find Ethan. Just when I was going to enter the room a doctor came and asked me how he ended up in hospital in the first place. "Lightning struck a tree and it fell on top of him now can I go see my best friend now?" He stood there in shock on how I had replied. "Sorry manners but he's me best friend and I really want to see him." I said slowing down. "Ok I'm gonna get Chanel nine over here so you can explain what happens to them." He said walking over to call them. Ok I'm gonna be on the news no big deal. Once I took one look at Ethan I felt tears streaming down my face. "Oh my god...Ethan" I said trying not to cry. Than his parents came in. "Oh my god what happened?" His mum asked. Than the Chanel nine crew came in with cameras and stuff. "Hello and what's your name?" The interviewer said to me. "S-Sidney" I said still trying not to cry. Than Ethan's sister Mary came and hugged me. "Ok Sidney we want to interview what happened so do you mind coming out there?" I nodded. "But can Mary come to?" I said pointing at Mary who had an arm around me. "Ok" he said as he held the door open for us. 

"Hello this is nine news. Today's shocking story is about a tree falling on a boy called Ethan smith and we Have Sidney, his best friend here to explain." He said gesturing to me. "Well we were at school having sport when lightening struck a tree and it fell and ended up landing on Ethan." I started to feel tears slowly run down my face but I continued. "And I was yelling at our teacher Mrs Catharine to call a bloody ambulance. But all she did was complain about my language so after I went to the office to get them to call an ambulance she said that she was gonna tell my parents about my language so I said. 'You're angry with my language when my best friend is about to bloody die' and that was it basically." Just then my phone beeped. It was a message from Ella I opened up the message to find a video of what happened. "Here my friend sent me a message of what happened." I said giving the interviewer the phone. They plugged it into the camera and pressed play so people could see what actually happened.

After the interview had finished my mum arrived at the hospital to see how I was. "Are you ok sweetie?" My mum said pushing the hair out of my face. "Yeah mum I'm fine." We walked into Ethan's room to see that his family had already left. "Mum can I stay here the night" I asked hoping she would say yes because eI didn't want to leave Ethan after what just happened. "Ok I'll go get some dinner for you then" she said as she left the room. She came back after 30 minutes of waiting with subway. After I finished eating I passed out on the chair next to Ethan's bed.

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