One Direction's Sister

Hi my name is Sidney Blake well that's what I was called. After the moment I went on nine news everything changed. I am now known as Alexia Payne yeah that's right Liam Payne's sister.


7. Swimming

Liam's  POV

"Guys I'm bored" I groaned. It was now 2 in the afternoon so we were really bored. "Hey how about we go swimming" Harry suggested. "YEAH!" Everyone shouted. "Umm you guys go I'm gonna stay here" Alex said from behind everyone. "Why not" I said. She than symbolized for me to go over their and she whispered in my ear. "I don't want to go because of the bruises on my body" she said with a tear falling down her cheek. I wiped it away then put her over my shoulder and walked to my room. "go put this bikini on for now" I said passing her a bikini. "how did you get my bikini?" she asked looking at the black bikini. "Long story now go change" I demanded as she went into the bathroom. She came back and she had bruises an he stomach and a couple of cuts on her legs. "turn around love" I asked so I could so her back. she slowly turned around and showed her back that had no scratches on it. "Umm Li but there is this one scratch he gave me the day Ethan went to hospital." Than she lifted up her bikini top to reveal a big scratch. "Oh my god Alex that's horrible we need to clean that" I ran down stairs and got the first aid kit. I got back upstairs were Alex was. "Umm Alex do you mind if you umm take your umm top off" I said a bit awkwardly. she shook her head. "just try not to look that much." She said taking her bikini top off. I knelt down in front of her from where she was sitting on the bed and got some disinfectant from the bad and applied it to the cut. "Alex this is really infected how did he cut it?" I asked and it was very infected it was big red and swollen. "well I slapped him one day for trying to rape me and then he got a rusty knife and cut me and I had no top on because he cut it in half so I just wore my jacket for the rest of the day." she said with a tear seeping from her eye. "awww its ok Alex its ok now" I said pulling her into a hug. I finished cleaning her cut and gave her a new swimsuit it had a hole in the back and had a snake skin pattern. "here I got this for you" I said handing it to her. her eyes lit up as she ran into the bathroom to get changed. I got dressed into my boardies and T then went downstairs and Waited for Alex. she came down in shorts and T that said 'Awesomeness no need to look it up cause I'm the definition'. "Nice shirt" I said as we got in the car. "thanks" she said.


Niall's POV

We walked in and saw two girls playing Volleyball laughing. Me and Harry turned to each other and gave each other looks that said 'lets do dis' in a sassy way.


*Second Part*

Niall's POV

We took our shirts off and went over to the girls. "can we play?" Harry asked. "yeah sure I'm Bre and this is Anna." She smiled. Bre seemed really shy she just waved. "Well I'm Niall and this is Harry" I said pointing at harry. Bre had long blond hair and light brown eyes were as Anna had Light brown hair and Brown eyes. Harry and Bre were on one side were as me and Anna were on the other. After playing volleyball we decided to go for a swim. I swam with Anna and really got to know her she seems really shy at start but after you get to know her she is really crazy.


Alexia's POV

I watched as everyone went to do something some people went to the water slide, some people went to sun bake, and from what I could see is Niall and harry flirting with to very pretty girls. I just sat down not wanting to take my shorts and shirt off. "Are you ok love?" Zayn said sitting next to me. "y-yeah I-m fine" I said. "you are a terrible Liar you know" Ugh he is so wright. "So what is wrong?" he asked again. "IdontwantanyoneseeingmybodysoIdontwanntswim" I said in one breath. "I'm sorry I didn't quit catch that" "I said I. Don t. Want. Anyone. To. See. My. Body. So I. Don't. Want to. Swim." I said taking up at least a minute. he chuckled and then said. "if you don't take of you clothes I will chuck you in the pool" he warned so I got up and got out of my shorts and shirt. "I'm gonna throw you in anyway" he said picking me up and carrying me over to the pool. "No Zayn put me down" I squealed. "Ok then with that he threw me in the pool. "I. will KILL you I said as I reached the top. "you said you wanted me to put you down" he said as he jumped in. I swam over to Lou who was talking to Liam. I climbed on his back so I was sitting on his shoulders. "What are you doing?" Louis asked as I got on his shoulders. I shrugged "Dunno just felt like it" I said. "Hey guys" Niall said coming over to us with a girl. "Hi Niall" I exclaimed. he shook his head and continued. "guys this is Anna. Anna this is Louis, Liam and Alex what are you doing on Lou's shoulders?" "Just felt like it" I replied. "Ok...."

After staying there for another three hours we went home and Niall exchanged numbers with Anna and Harry exchanged numbers with Bre.


A/N Hi guys Hope you like the rest of the chapter - Dory<3

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