One Direction's Sister

Hi my name is Sidney Blake well that's what I was called. After the moment I went on nine news everything changed. I am now known as Alexia Payne yeah that's right Liam Payne's sister.


2. Surprise!

Sidney's POV

Its bee two days now and Ethan is finally coming out of hospital. "ok lets go" I say to Ethan as we walk out the room. Half an hour later we got to my house. "Sidney I missed you so much!" my mum said running out the house and hugging me. "mum its been two days" I said trying to make a point. "ok, ok misses smarty pants lets go inside" she said holding the door open. "SIDNEY! ETHAN!" we herd all our friends scream. "err hi guys" we said in allusion. "Elena oh my god I haven't seen you in a year!" I said running up to my cousin. "ok guys this is my cousin Elena" "Hi Elena" everyone said at the same time. "ok...Elena this is Sam, Tom, Ella, Ellie, Kai, Kane, amy, sophia, D.J and sebastian." I said out of breath. "hi" "C'mon sidney we have a surprise for you" Elena, Ella and Ellie said dragging me outside. "GRACE?" I couldn't believe my eyes. Grace had moved to Sydney 3 years ago. "Oh my god" I said running up and hugging her.  "ok, ok calm your farm girly" she said hugging back. After we sat down around the bonfire we started to tell jokes and stores.

"Sidney come inside." My mum called from inside. "coming...Oh...My...God" I said freezing in my spot. "Hello love." "hi Harry...Niall...Zayn...Louis...Liam" I said try so hard not to scream. "Sidney take the boys outside they have something to tell everyone." My mum said. I nodded and led the way outside. "umm take a seat boys." I said gesturing to the five seats. "hello everyone!" Louis screamed. "hi" everyone said in shock that One bloody Direction was sitting right their. "well since you guys saw what happened to Ethan, we thought you would need a holiday" Liam said. "so we thought that you guys would like to spend time in our holiday house with us for a month" Harry finished. "guys its rude to stare you know." I said to everyone because the boys looked uncomfortable. "all your bags are already at our house so..." Zayn said. "ok guys really stop staring" "sorry" everyone said at once. "oh guys this is Elena, Ella, Ellie, Ethan, Sam, Tom, Sophia, Kai, Kane, D.J, amy, and sebastian." I said pointing at people. "ok that a lot of names to remember." Louis said. "don't worry you will get use to it and guys are you gonna say anything because it kinda like you statuses."

After about 3 hours of asking questions and stuff like that there was 5 vans waiting outside for us. "Bye mum, cya in a month" I said giving my mum a kiss on the cheek. "what about me." Louis said pouting. I rolled my eyes and kissed him on the cheek. "better?" I asked and he nodded. "so were is this beach house?" Tom asked. "by the beach. "we are not swimming in the middle of winter...are we?" Sam said. "no of course not." Liam said. After we got there the boys showed us to our rooms. I was sharing a room with Ella, Ellie and Elena. Then  there was Ethan, sam, Tom and Kai next to us. And next to them there was Kane, D.J and Sebastian. And then on the other side of us was Sophia and Amy. "guys I need a shower I haven't showered in three days." Then everyone said gross at the same time. "I was in the hospital." I said going into the walk in wardrobe and pulled out a red sweeter and black leggings. Than I had a shower and put my clothes on. I walked in to the lounge room to find everyone watching a horror movie so I thought I would scare them. so I creeped up to the couch and yelled "BOO" "aaaaahhhhhhhhh" everyone screamed as I was rolling on the floor laughing. "oh you're gonna get it know." Liam said tickling me. "no....please.......stop.........I'm sorry." I said in-between laughing. Than Louis joined, than harry, Niall than Zayn. "No.........please" I tried to say. "If you do it again we don't stop" louis warned. I nodded and hoped on the couch. "Sidney" Niall  moaned. "what" I said in the same tone he said it in. "I'm hungry" "ugh" i got up and went to the phone. "hello how can I help you" a pizza  lady said. "hi I would like to order 3 large Hawaiian pizzas, 1 large vegetarian and 3 large meatlovers please." I said. "ok that would be 55 dollars were would you like i delivered?" "ugh 1 sec" I said. "umm Liam whats the address for this house?" I asked. "35 beach burrow rd" (Just made up). "umm can you deliver that to 35 beach burrow road please...thanks bye" I said hanging up. "you bought 7 large pizzas?!" Niall yelled. "yep" I said popping the p. "I love you." Niall said hugging me. "ugh......Niall.....I...I cant breath" I said pushing him off me. "oh..sorry"


Liam's POV

"umm Sidney can i talk to you for a minute?" I asked after we had finished dinner. she followed me up stairs and onto the balcony. "so Li Li what did you want?" she asked in a sweet tone. I patted my lap motioning for her to sit on my lap witch she did. "umm your mum and my dad well...there kinda your parents." I said. "wait what?" "put it this way I'm your brother"


A/N dun dun duuuuuun dramatic....not anyways I would like to give a shout out to bananaboat:P SHOUT OUT she is really nice and a great writer so please check her out but she wont be on till sunday so :) bye bye - Dory<3

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