One Direction's Sister

Hi my name is Sidney Blake well that's what I was called. After the moment I went on nine news everything changed. I am now known as Alexia Payne yeah that's right Liam Payne's sister.


9. Sorting Out

Alexia's POV

"What are we going to do for school work because I can't just not do work?" I asked. It was now 8 in the morning and we were sitting at the table eating the pancakes that Harry made. "well we are going to go to your school and get all the work you will need" Niall said. "and I will help with your english" Zayn said."I will help with your math" Louis said. "I will help with your science" Liam said. "I will help you with your history" Harry said. "and because you have to do a language I will teach you Irish stuff" Niall said with a mouth full of food. "Aww thanks guys and Niall don't talk with your mouth full" I said to Niall. so when are we going to get my work?" I asked. "well because today is monday why don't we give your school a visit" Liam suggested . Everyone cheered and we all went to get ready. I had a shower and got into a  really pretty red top we bought yesterday with  denim shorts some red convers and diamond neckless.


When we finally arrived at my school it was 15 past 9 so everyone was still in a lesson. We walked up to my class room and went inside. everyone had there eyes on my. oh carrot sticks. "Hello Mrs marshal" I said walking up to the assistant teacher who was the new teacher since Mrs Catherine got fired. "oh hello sidney" "umm its now Alexia" I said kinda embarrassed. "oh ok" "umm this is Liam my brother and his friends Harry, Louis, Niall and Zayn" I said pointing to the boys. "oh ok.. so what brings you here you still have another week off?" she asked. "well I'm going on tour with the boys so I came to get woke and they were gonna help me with my work" I explained to the teacher. "ok class despised go do your work... ok so who's teaching you what?" "well Zayn is teaching me english, Liam is teaching me science, Louis is teaching me math,Harry is teaching me, history and Niall is teaching me Irish culture"  I waited for Mrs Marshal to take in all the info. "ok do you remember how to photo copy?" I nodded and then she  took me round to get all the work I need to photo copy. "ok go photo copy these and you can take a math book and ill right down the ones you need to do" the boys helped me photo copy the big pile of work and we stapled all the subjects together. I slid them in my bag and put the work away. "here is your math book Alex and take this book with you I want  you to draw 1 picture a week" she said handing me a book. "I'm gonna say good bye to  everyone and than get out of your hair" I said. she nodded and I went round to all my friends and said good bye. ok now I have to say good bye to D.J.

(you know how I said D.J and Ellie were together well they're not) 



Ok I gotta tell her how I feel otherwise I'll have to wait like 3 months to tell her. Oh god how do I tell her. "Hey D.J" I heard her sweet voice from Behind me. "oh hey Alex" god I'm so nervous what do I do if she doesn't like me. "umm so I kinda need to tell you something" I said nervously.Ok man up D.J. "yeah what is it?" she asked. "umm well I kinda umm like you... In a more than friends way" I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. "well I kinda Like you swell...In a more than friends way" she said looking down. "w-well i gotta go I'll see you in a few months" she said. she started to walk away> "wait promos that you will Skype me everyday?' I asked. "I promise" she said. I kissed her cheek and said. "bye Alex" than walked off to get some work.


Alexia's POV

oh my god oh my god OH MY GOD. I slowly walked up to the boys feeling my cheek were he kissed me. I looked up at them they were all smirking. "does are wittle lexi have a boyfriend?" Harry asked in a baby voice. "shut up harry" I walked up to my teacher. "goodbye Mrs Marshal" I said. "call me Ally and good bye Alex I'll see you on T.V"she said winking at me. I nodded and gave her a hug. we walked out to the car and Liam started the car. "Im hungry" Niall Groaned. "ok we will get you nandos" Liam Said. "what about me" I said sulking like a 4 year old. "ugh fine" me and Niall both started dancing and cheering.

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