One Direction's Sister

Hi my name is Sidney Blake well that's what I was called. After the moment I went on nine news everything changed. I am now known as Alexia Payne yeah that's right Liam Payne's sister.


8. Shopping

Alexia's POV

i was waken up by voices singing that morning "Its time to wake up in the morning, morning. got McDonalds breakfast  for you, just like any other brand. we drove to miles to get it so you better get up and eat it, don't be selfish lexi-i so it time to GET UP GET UP OH ITS TIME TO GET UP! its time to get u-up" I groaned and pulled the blankets over my head. "Are you hungry?" Niall asked in a baby voice. "Yes, now wheres the food?" I asked sitting up. "down stairs but first..." Harry trailed off. "you say it Niall" harry said. "no you say it mate" Niall said t Liam. "no zayn can say it" "I recon louis should say it" Zayn said. "Say what?" I asked "your coming on TOUR WITH US!" louis shouted. I was. Speechless. "oh my god" Was all I could say. "and today we're going SHOPPING!" louis shouted. I nodded with my mouth still open in shock. "come eat love" harry said as everyone piled out the room. Oh and I forgot to say everyone left last week and I get to stay with the boys for a week since Liam is my long lost brother. I got down stairs and Niall pasted everyone their pancakes and we scoffed them down fast. "I'm having a shower" I call as I left the room. I had a shower then dried and straighten my hair which has grown really long and got into shorts and a white jumper with some galaxy print convers. I walked down stairs to find the boys sitting on the couch waiting. "Lets go shopping" I yelled which scared the living hell out of them. "Liam can I dye my hair brown like yours? Pretty please?" I said giving him my puppy dog eyes. "I don't see why not"  we walked into the hair salon. "were gonna go get some food" Niall said. So now it's me and Liam. "Hi how can I help you-Oh my god your Liam and Alexia Payne" the girl and the front desk said. I just laughed "yes it is us and could we please get Alexia's hair dyed please?"Liam Asked. she nodded "follow mw" She smiled. She showed me many different colours but I ended up getting a Lighter brown on the top and as it got the the ends it got darker."you look beautiful love" Liam said as I got out the chair. "thanks" I said. "that would be 45 dollars thanks" the lady who we found out was called May. Liam payed and we went to go find the boys.




After shopping for five hours we went home and the boys collapsed on the couch in a big pile. I put the bags that I was holding down and jumped on top of all of them. They groaned " Alex get off we cant breath... well I can't" Zayn said from the bottom of the pile. "Lets do I twit cam" I shouted seeing it as a grate opportunity. Everyone agreed and Liam got the laptop. I signed into my twitter on my phone and I now had over 3000 followers. WOW. I looked at some of the comments and my favourites were 


Jane_Payne: OMG you are so pretty Please follow me and when the boys go on tour what are you going to do?

I replied : Me and the boys are doing a twit cam now and we will announce some stuff.

Zoe-Malik101: Can you sing because Liam sounds like an angel so I bet you would sound as good as him so please sing one day and btw you're so pretty.

Me: I will sing one day and thanks thats so sweet! ;)

(Fake names btw) 

I followed her as well. There were other tweets and I followed as much people as possible.

"Alex you do know the twit cam has started right?" Lou asked seeing as I was just on my phone. "oh oops umm Hi everyone" I said blushing. I was reading the comments people were sending in than there was one from that girl called zoe it said 'can you sing now cause this would put you out there' the boys must have read it. "yeah Alex sing" they all said "no I can't" than they started chanting. "sing, sing, sing," "FINE" I groaned "what should I sing?" I asked than heaps of requests came up in the comments. Zoe tweeted me saying to sing Taylor swift you belong with me. "ok I'll sing you belong with me by Taylor Swift" I said than started singing

You're on the phone with your girlfriend she's upset

going off about something that you said

cause she doesn't get your humour like I do

I' in my room it's a typical tuesday night

listening to the kind of music she doesn't like

And she'll never know your story like I do

but she wares short skirts

I ware T-shirt 

she's team captain and I'm on the bleachers 

dreaming bout the day when you'll wake up and find what you're looking for

has been here the hole time

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you

been here all along so why cant you see

you belong with me

you belong with me

After I finished the comments blew up saying how good I was. "thanks guys" I say. "you didn't tell us you could sing!" the boys yelled at the same time. I started laughing. Than I looked back at my phone and everyone was asking if I could post a pic of me on there because no one had seen my hair like it is now. So after the twit cam I went to my room and took a picture of myself and posted it and twitter. After that I was on twitter and fell asleep.



Hey guys hope you liked the update please comment like and favourite oh and speaking of twitter my twitter name is Sidney_1D4ever so ya hope you like it and keep reading!

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