One Direction's Sister

Hi my name is Sidney Blake well that's what I was called. After the moment I went on nine news everything changed. I am now known as Alexia Payne yeah that's right Liam Payne's sister.


18. Present shopping

*Liam's POV*

I am so stupid how could I let this happen I knew I should of said no!

*Alex's POV*

As we were leaving the hospital was probably the most hardest thing to do.

As the boys were walking out the hospital I stopped as I let the tears slowly run down my face.


*Niall's POV*

As we were leaving i realised Alex wasn't with us.

"boys go t the car I'll be back in a minute"

I walked up to Alex and saw the tears slowly running down her red cheeks


She looked up with red puffy sorrowful eyes.

"Niall what if I never see her again what if she dies."

I pulled her into a hug and whispered sweet stuff in her ear while I carried her to the car.

When I got to the car she fell asleep so I explained what happened to the boys as we drove off.

"When's Alex's birthday?" Harry asked.

"10th of August... in two days"

All of us boys looked at each other besides Liam who had obviously bought her a present.

"Drop us off at the shops now"


When we got to the shops we all went our separate ways.

I bought her A Crazy mofo shirt, a snap back, a necklace and a surprise which you will find out ;)

*Louis's POV*

I got Alex Some shorts, 1D singlet (heh heh heh), an Ipod were I downloaded all our songs, a beanie and a bracelet and earrings.

*zayn's POV*

I got Alex a carmera, a photo album to put her photos in, some chocolate.

*Harry's POV*

I bought her A teddy bear, some different colour hair extensions and a new iPhone. I was about to go back to the meeting place when I past a shop that had a poster of Alex so I bought her that.

When I finally got back to the meeting place which was the food fought we got food and started eating.

We all shared what we got Alex for her birthday and then Niall pulled out his last present it was beautiful.

When we got home Alex was in her room and I guess Liam was two.

"hi boys" ok I guess she wasn't in her room.

"Umm hi"

"I'll go put the 'shopping' away." I said going to put all the presents in my room.

*Niall's POV*

"Were's Liam?' I asked.

"Oh he had to go get something." she smiled.

"I'm going to bed night everyone" I said heading upstairs.



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