One Direction's Sister

Hi my name is Sidney Blake well that's what I was called. After the moment I went on nine news everything changed. I am now known as Alexia Payne yeah that's right Liam Payne's sister.


10. Nandos

Niall's POV

Yay were at Nandos. "race ye there" Alex says running off. I started running but she got there before me. "ha, ha I win!" she said poking her tongue at me. I poked my back. "you guys want Nandos or not?" Zayn asked standing in the door way. we got inside and went to the counter to order. I'm not going to explain everything but the lady started fan girling. we finally sat down to ea. after we finished eating Alex said "hey listen to the music that's playing". we all fell silent to listen. the song that was playing was one way or another. Everyone sang alone and everyone in the restaurant was looking at us. After we finished singing everyone applauded as we left the building. when we got home I switched the T.V on and the news was on the lady said "today at Nandos, Wanneroo One direction and Liam's little sister Alexia was seen sing their latest song 'One way or another' one of the customers sent in a video" then they played the video than talked more about it. "so when is the tour?" Alex said braking the silence. "next week" Zayn said. "HOLY MOTHER OF CARROTS WE HAVENT GOT A  SUPPORTING ACT" Louis shouted. "well I was thinking Alex could do it" Liam said. "really?! I'd love to!" Alex shouted. it was now 9 pm so we decided to go to bed.

a/n soz for short update


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