One Direction's Sister

Hi my name is Sidney Blake well that's what I was called. After the moment I went on nine news everything changed. I am now known as Alexia Payne yeah that's right Liam Payne's sister.


15. Movie Night

*Alex's POV*

After the Doctor left Ed came in my room.

"How about we have breakfast than watch some movie's?" He asked.

"Ok that would be nice."

Ed came and carried me bridal style into the lounge room.

"I'll go get breakfast while you choose a movie" I nodded and went to the cabinet were we kept all the movies.

"Ed can we watch Toy Story, I love Toy Story" I asked.

"yeah sure... you are just like your brother, you know" I giggled but then my stomach started to hurt.

"here love have a pancake" He said sitting down next to me giving me the pancake.

"were are the boys?"

"they had to go to a photo shoot" I nodded and Ed went to put the movie in.

I felt a bit better after eating so Ed got some pop corn and then I heard the blender going.

"Ed what are you doing?"

"you'll see" Just then he came out holding Two chocolate thick shakes.

"My Favourite how'd you know?"


After watching one and two Ed went to put the third one on.

At the end when the toys get given to the little girl I started to cry.

But I always cry at this bit so I it was usual.

"awe don't cry love" Ed said pulling me close.

"Don't worry I always cry at this bit" I said trying to laugh a bit.

"hey now that you better I was thinking we could make cookies"

I nodded my head franticly.

As I got into the kitchen my phone rang.

"one sec" I ran up into my room and got a call from a privet number.


"Hi Alexia it's Geoff... your dad"

I was speechless.

"Hi dad um what's up?"

"Umm your mum she... she's got cancer"

No. this cant be happening. no.

The tears slowly went down my face.

"I-is she ok?"

"Yeah the doctors said dhe might be able to fight off the cancer"

"I I have to go"

"ok bye can't wait to meet you"

*call ended*

I just broke down I love my mum she is the best we are the best friends.

"Alex? What's wrong" Ed said barging in.

"my my mum she.... she has cancer"

"It's ok love she'll be ok" I would love to believe him.

We sat on my bed as I cried into him chest.

"I should call Liam." I said reaching for my phone.

Ed put his arm around me as I pressed Liam's number.

*L = Liam A= Alex*

L "hello?"

A "Liam"

L "Alex what's wrong"

A "It's mum she has cancer"

L "I'm coming home I'll be right there"

*End of call*

"Ed I want to sleep can you sleep with me?"

He nodded and we laid down under the blanket.

"I love you Ed thank you for looking after me" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"I love you to Alex" and with that we fell asleep.



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