One Direction's Sister

Hi my name is Sidney Blake well that's what I was called. After the moment I went on nine news everything changed. I am now known as Alexia Payne yeah that's right Liam Payne's sister.


6. Fun and Games

Sophia's POV

We were all telling funny stories when Sam asked me if we could talk in privet. "yeah sure" I said sweetly following him outside. "Sophia umm I kind of Like you and I was wondering if...if you would go out with me...I really like you especially your straight long brown hair and Blue eyes So I was just wondering." Oh my fudge... "y-yes" I said jumping up and hugging him. "Is it to early to say I love you?" he asked I just giggled and said "I love you too" we walked back inside hand in hand both smiling like idiots. "finally I was waiting for you two to get together!" Amy said half yelling. "well Amy?" Kane asked. "mhmm" she said. "will you go out with me?" "I've been waiting for you to ask yes!" she said doing the same thing I did.



Oh my god how much I wanted to ask Alex out but I couldn't considering what happened before. "who wants to play truth or dare?" Zayn asked "ME!" everyone yelled. "ok...Sam truth or dare?" Zayn asked Sam. "hmm Dare" He said. oh god. "I dare you to........Kiss Sophia!" Zayn exclaimed. thought so. then to my surprise he lent over and kissed her on the cheek. "You never said on the lips" Sam said with a smirk on his face wile Sophia was looking down blushing like a cherry. "awww is our wittle fifi bwushing" Alex said in a baby voice pinching her cheeks which made me chuckle. "shut up" Sophia said looking down. oh and btw we call her fifi. After playing truth or dare for hours we decided to watch a movie. we ended up watching click which was a comedy movie about this guy who gets a remote that can control and skip time. After that it was lunch time. "Guys I'm hungry" Alex moaned. so I thought I would make a joke out of it. "hello hungry I'm D.J" I said which made everyone laugh besides Alex. She sat there and pulled an angry face like a 3 year old would. "Awww Its ok Lexi We will order PIZZA" Niall screamed I swear if he screamed any louder the windows would have smashed. Niall ordered the Pizza which took forever to get here. After we ate we told story's till about five then the boys went to do something out side and told us to go change into something warm.


Zayn's POV

After everyone went to bed last night I gave the boys an Idea of making a bonfire on the beach and used the lag chairs we found. After starting the fire we went inside to get everyone and when they came out they squashed me with hugs. "Guys...Cant...Breath" I said. When everyone got off me they sat in pairs of two. Sophia and Sam, Amy and Kane Me and Niall, Louis and Harry, Liam and Alex, D.J and Ellie, Sebastian and Ella, Ethan and Elena and Kai and Tom (BTW Kai is a girl weird right) We roasted marshmallows and sang songs. all the pares who were sitting with each other were now couples. (Besides me and Niall and Harry and Louis duuuuhhhhh) All the girls had fallen asleep so there boyfriends carried them up to bed and I think each couple shared a room now.


A/N Hi guys I will update more tomoz and I will have two new characters called Bre and Anna (for Bananaboat:P please check her out she. is. AWESOME!) thanks guys love ya guts - Dory<3

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