morphman vol 1

it is a vilglante who gets posioned by a infected person he stops his ememy mungurls before they turn all the world infected


1. the intro

morphman vol 1


hi well how do I say it?lets go all the way back to the start.


my name is han twinkin im a boy, by the way im not like han solo I have blue eyes jet black hair and normal eye brows my hair

it was 2009 i was 18. I was getting ready for school but my bus broke down on the way to school so i walked the rest of the way.i was just about to get into class when i saw a guy in a black suit so i stayed dead still before i got into class.he pulled out somthing i tryied to look than it hit me it was a gun!i jumped on to the guy and cuffed his neck incase he was going to blow the prigger.i kneed him in the face,another guy came in i think he was on drugs he had to duck his head to get into the classroom and he was so fat not to be rude or anything.

i ran to the toliets to put on my suit...wait hold up there

i have this suit morph suit kinda like nightwing but no blue and metal rasor sharp mask like a sidekicks mask i got it from my mum and dad they hand built them the suit is hard leather with no head bit.

back to the story. i put on the morph suit but i forgot the mask thats when my mom and dad walked in the toliets and gave me the mask i herd two bullet shots this moster person killed my parents i knead before my parents and herd faint whispers "become morphman we never could" i took my parents guns they were agents working for these people could munuruls but they quit there job yesterday.the monster that killed my parents was running to me ahhhhh! i got a scrach in a shape of the letter "M" i shot the mutant thing two times like it killed my mom and dad i looked a his nametag "keeth test of the munuruls spy lab"

that means my parents worked for badguys but they quit maybe they found out that they were working for evil people.

i am 22 and it is 2013 right now!

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