Only One

Can Niall help 18 year old, Siena?
After all she's been through, can Niall give Siena the life she deserves?


8. Won't let him.

Siena's POV

I'm at the edge of a cliff. 
I'm walking to the end. 
I look down. 
I step off the cliff. 
I'm falling. 

'Aaah!' I sit upright. I'm in the middle of the bed, the blanket around me. Oh, it's just another 'dream' of me falling. I look over to the clock and see it's 10 am. I shuffle out of the bed and stroll to the bathroom. I decide to take a quick shower, to help me a little. 
I put my hair into a messy bun and wear an grey oversized jumper with shorts. 
I look over to the kitchen. 
Am I hungry?
Hell yes. 
I walk over to the bench top and grab an apple for now. I hear noises from the living room. I thought Crystal said she's only going to be back by two? Maybe she got a leave or something. 
I walk down the hall and into the living room. 
'Hey Crys-' I'm pretty sure my face looks shocked. I feel my body tense. 
'Hi Siena,' The boy we met yesterday, Niall, stands up. I take a step back, my automatic move when a boy is giving me attention. 
'Where's C-Crystal?' I stutter. 
'What?' He steps closer. I step back again, my back on the wall. 
'Where's Crystal?' I ask, louder. 
'Oh. She asked me to keep an eye on you because you were sick,' he says, saying sick as if it was a joke. I slowly nod. I remember Crystal telling me she was going to ask someone to come over, but it didn't have to be someone we met yesterday. But I also know Crystal will only invite anyone she trusts. 
Okay Siena, calm the fuck down. 
A boy you don't really know is in your apartment. 
But Crystal trusts him. 
So, That's fine. 
Though my past tells me its not. 
'Siena, I'm not going to hurt you,' Niall says, taking steps away from me. 
I relax a little. I look at Niall and see him smiling. I instantly look down. Hmm, the floor is really interesting. 
'Um, I made you breakfast?' He says. 
I smile to myself. I feel his eyes burning the top of my head. I look up again, and smile at him. He instantly grins back, motioning me to the kitchen.
I sit down at the table, looking over at Niall placing the food into the plate. Damn, it looks good. He puts the plate in front of me. 
I start eating the food, slowly. 
Gosh, this is amazing. 
I eat and eat, I didn't even realize Niall was still here. 
'Like it?' Niall asks me. 
'Yes,' I reply, looking up from the plate. 
'Sorry it isn't much, I got hungry myself...' He chuckles. I smile  
'You have a bit...there,' Niall points at my left cheek. I trace my fingers over my cheek, hoping I removed the 'bit'. 
'No it's more here,' he says pointing. I continue to wipe my hand over my cheek. 
'Here,' he says, his hand coming closer to my cheek. I pull back and get up. 
'I'll, uh, check in the bathroom,' I whisper. I jog to the bathroom. I find the 'bit' near my lip. I wash it off and stare at myself in the mirror for awhile. 
God, I'm ugly. 
But more importantly, Niall. 
I mean, he could be a nice guy. 
Or he could be, a guy who wants my body. 
Whatever happens, I can't let him get close with me. 
I've had a boyfriend before, he wanted my body. 
Many others wanted my body, and they got it. Not that I wanted them to. They took my right away from me. Just like my freedom, my happiness. 
Even my father. 
I can't get close with Niall. 
He will end up hurting me anyway.
They are all the same eventually. 
I don't want to loose my happiness, the only happiness I get from Crystal. Because I know, if something happens again, I will be a mess forever. And I'll never be able to change. For Crystal, or me. And then Crystal will realize I'm a such a big mess and leave me. 
Leave as my bestfriend and happiness. 
And that won't happen. 
Because, I will let no guy come close to me. 
Including Niall. 
If he wants to be my friend or more, I can't let him. 
I won't let him. 

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