Only One

Can Niall help 18 year old, Siena?
After all she's been through, can Niall give Siena the life she deserves?


7. Watch over

Niall's POV

I walk to the table, seeing both Louis and Liam on their phones. 
'What's up?' I ask them. 
'Texting Danielle,'
'Oh,' I reply. Sometimes I do wish I had a girl to talk to. But I know if I had a someone, that can cause heaps of shit. I don't think I'm ready, I mean I am. I just haven't had a girlfriend in ages, I would make mistakes. 
'I'm going out, I'll be back later!' Louis shouts running through the door. I sit down on the couch, flipping through the channels to find anything good. 
•Ding, Ding, Ding•
I walk, and open the door. 
I see no one. I sigh and I'm about to close the door when I see Louis behind the stairs. laughing. I give him the bird before closing the door. 
•Ding, Ding, Ding•
I open the door again, I see no one. Suddenly my feet are being tickled from Louis on the ground. I start jumping around, trying to get away from Louis. I kick his stomach, 'playfully', and close the door again. 
•Ding, Ding, Ding•
I swear, if it's Louis, I will kill him. 
'Go away,' I say as I open the door. To my surprise Crystal was standing at the door, in her work clothes possibly. 
'Oh, um, I'm sorry,' she says looking down, shocked. 
'No no, I'm sorry! Louis was  pressing the doorbell and hiding so I thought it was him again. Louis being him you know? Do you want to come in?' I ask. 
She smiles, 'No I'm fine. I just came to ask a favour.'
'Shoot,' I reply, smiling back. I look behind her to see if Siena was with her. She wasn't. 
'Siena...isn't well. I was wondering if you could go over to ours and keep an eye on her? I can't leave her alone when she...when she's like this. She's probably sleeping now, I could give you the keys and you could go over?' She says. 
I grin, 'Okay, Sure, and what's up?' I ask. 
Crystal looks down, 'Uh, nothing I just can't leave her alone when she's...sick,' she says, her blonde ponytail falling onto her left shoulder. 
'Okay,' I decide to drop the subject. She hands me the keys and grins. 
'Thank you! Oh and we live on the address it says here,' she says pointing at the note attached to the keys. I smile as she walks down the stairs. Louis suddenly jumps out thinking it was me and scares her. Crystal jumps, then puts her hand over her heart as a sign of relief knowing it was just Louis. I laugh as I close the door. 
I jog to my room I share with Zayn and change into a sweater and jeans. 
'Where you going?' Zayn asks, looking up from his phone, probably texting Perrie. 
'Going to Siena's,' I reply, fixing my morning hair. 
'Woah, we only met them yesterday. That was quick,' he winks at me. 
'No, Crystal asked if someone could keep an eye on Siena cos she sick or something,' I say, shaking my head, walking out of the room. 
'Where are you going Niall?' Liam asks me from the kitchen. 
'To Siena and Crystal's apartment,' I shout. 
'This early?' He says. I look at the time. 
'It's not early? It's only nine thirty,' I reply, confused. 
'I think he meant it the other way,' Harry says, coming out of his room. I stare at him for awhile before realizing, 'fuck you all. I'm leaving, bye.'
I walk down the stairs, smiling at one of the guards. 
'Paul, can you take me here?' I ask showing him the note. 
'Sure,' he says taking me to his car. 
We arrive at the place, it was quite big. Wait, it's an apartment Niall. I say my thanks to Paul before Unlocking the door and entering. 
The place is quite clean, and no sign of Siena. I walk to the closest room, peeking my head over the door frame. All I see is a blanket wrapped around a small figure. I know it's Siena, and leave her be. The room is filled with photos on the walls. There's a chair holding clothes and a bathroom on my right. I smile at myself. When she wakes up I'll tell her Crystal sent me. I turn back and see the kitchen. 
Damn, I'm hungry. 

Hey guys (:
I have a couple of things to saaay:
•First I know Liam and Danielle are like you know. I wrote this before the shit happened but I'll change it after awhile :)
•Second I am busy with my schoolwork so please don't get pissy with me if I don't update as quickly as you want (: 
•Third, comment and talk to me guys. I won't bite. (:
And I'm really happy I haven't got any actual hate yet. 
•Fourth, thank you for the view and likes. I love you all xx
•Fifth, fan me? I fan back, baby's :)

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