Only One

Can Niall help 18 year old, Siena?
After all she's been through, can Niall give Siena the life she deserves?


9. She hates me?

Niall's POV

I scratch the top of my head. 
Maybe I should go see what's wrong? I mean, it's been awhile. 
I walk towards where I last saw Siena. 
I stare at the door knob for awhile. 
Yes just do it. 
I grab at the knob, but then it swings open. I fall forwards at the impact. 
'Ah!' Siena shouts when she sees me. 
I stumble back, 'sorry.'
She looks at me, while I regain my balance. My gaze meets with hers, then she looks down.
'Sorry again,' I say before walking to the living room. 
I sit at the couch, and hear noises from the kitchen. Maybe you should help her with the dishes dickhead. 
I walk to the kitchen. 
Siena was cleaning the dishes. Her hair was out now. Her jumper fell off her right shoulder. 
'Need help?' I ask. Siena stops and turns around. She stares at me for awhile. I decide to smile and she looks away. 
'No, I'm fine thanks,' she says quietly. 
'Oh okay,' I say shrugging to myself and plopping myself on the couch. 



I shoot my glance from the television to the door. Someone's here. I drop the remote beside and get up. Suddenly Siena runs from nowhere and grabs the door knob. She looks at me for a second before opening the door. Crystal was at the entrance, her arms spread out. Siena jumps on her, hugging the day lights out of Crystal. I cough a little, to break them apart. 
'Dont worry Niall, I didn't forget you,' Crystal says walking up to me for a hug. I smile and hug her back. I watch Siena as her gaze drops to the floor. 
'Well, I though you'd be back at two?' Siena says, after me and Crystal break apart. 
'Yeah but I asked if I could come back early,' Crystal smiles. 
'Then, I better be going,' I say, smiling. I really didn't want to leave. 
'No Niall, have lunch with us please. It's the least I can do for keeping an eye on Siena,' Crystal says looking back at Siena. Siena was still looking at the floor, her hair falling around her face. 
'Oh uh, okay,' I reply. 
'Well, I'll start making our meals. You two talk for awhile' Crystal says, dropping her bag beside the couch. 
'No, I'll help y-' Siena starts. 
'Siena, talk to Niall,' she nods her head to me and smiles. 
Before Siena can argue, Crystals leaves and walks into the kitchen. 
Siena sighs and looks at me. 
I awkwardly sit down on the couch. 
'Um, sit down?' I tell her, patting the seat next to me. She looks at me before sitting at the edge of the couch. 
Do I smell?
'Siena?' I say facing my body towards her. 
'Yeah...' She says shifting her position on the couch. 
'Do you hate me?' I ask honestly. 
She looks up from the floor. 
'Uh,' she struggles finding her words. 
'I-I hate everyone,' she says slowly. I slowly nod, yeah she hates you. 
'No, you love me!' Crystal shouts from the kitchen. 
'Nah, I don't,' Siena replies, a small smile on her lips. 
Crystal appears in front of us, her hair in a bun, her jumper rolled up her sleeves with crumbles on her hands. 
'Yes you do,' she says pouting. 
'Yeah okay, go back into the kitchen,' Siena says, waving her hand. Crystal gives her the bird before stomping her way out of the lounge room. Siena giggles and looks at me. 
That's probably the most happiest state I've ever seen her in. 
I smile at her, as her giggling dies down. 
I watch how she looks down to the floor, fiddling with the mat. Her hair fell on her right shoulder, her jumper still slightly off her left. I watch her facial features which seemed to be perfect. Then something caught my attention. 
'What's that?' I ask, looking at the silvery mark across her shoulder. It was quite faint, but I could make out it was a mark. 
'W-what?' She asks looking up at me. I look over to her shoulder. She quickly covers her shoulder and stands up. 
'I'm going to help Crystal, sorry,' she says quietly, leaving me alone in the lounge room. 

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