Only One

Can Niall help 18 year old, Siena?
After all she's been through, can Niall give Siena the life she deserves?


2. Late Night

Only One ~

Siena's POV 

'We'll find out the winner, right after this break,' the announcer finishes. 
'Fuck this,' Crystal throws the crisps packet at the TV. 
'I mean, it's already had two breaks, why can't they just announce the winner?' She continues completely annoyed, crossing her arms over her chest. 
She looks at me for an answer and I just shrug. 
'They also did this last year! It would be a whole lot easier telling the winner now,' I reply. 
'Exactly. Shit, I have to go!' Crystal says making a puppy face. I walk up to her and open my arms. She hugs me like there's no tomorrow. 
'Text me what happens,' she says blowing a kiss before walking out the door. Crystal has gotten quite busy the past months. She works as a part time model, I mean she's perfect. 
My phone starts buzzing. 
'Hello?' I say into the speaker, turning the volume of TV down. 
'Hey Siena, it's Jacob.' 
'Oh hi, something wrong?' I ask. 
'I was wondering if you could come now. I just need you till nine,' he says. 
'Yes, I know it's quite late for you but I need another worker till then. We're getting quite busy Siena.'
It was six now. I usually don't work after five, I'm not comfortable working late. 
'I'll give you more pay?' He says quickly. 
'No no, it's fine. I'll c-come,' I say slowly. 
'Thank you Siena, see you then,' he says before the line goes dead.
I drop my phone on the table and sigh. 
Today is late-night. I mean, there's going to be heaps of people.
I go to my room, strip off my clothes and change into my work clothes. I apply some mascara and eyeliner. 

To Crystal x :
I have to go to work, I'll be back at nine x

Me and Crystal share an apartment together. I'm really grateful she lets me stay with her, I mean I'm still struggling with the pay I'm receiving. If it wasn't for her, I'd probably be living on the street. Crystal has helped me since I met her in year 11. She's was smart, perfect and popular. Most people like her would be rude to me but she's an angel.  

I wear my coat on my blue uniform and grab my bag and walk out the door. The sky is cloudy, though the stars are still shining. Luckily I work five minutes from here. 

From Crystal x :
Okay, text me if anything's wrong. 
Don't worry, you'll be fine beautiful xx 

I hope so. 
I reach the entrance and see a group of boys. I tense as I walk past them. I feel their eyes burn my back. 
'What's your name beautiful?' A guy with brown messy hair steps in front of me. I step back, trying to create some space between us.
'Don't worry, I won't bite,' he says walking towards me. I continue taking steps back, his smirk getting wider  
'Oi, leave her alone,' Mary shouts from the counter, holding out the phone. I love her. 
'Sorry,' the guy says raising his hands, 'just having some fun, you know?' 
He winks at me before stepping aside. I walk straight into the store, ignoring the others looking at me. 
'Hey you okay?' Mary says, smiling. 
'Yeah, I'm alright. Thank you, again,' I say. Honestly, I don't know how I'd cope in this store without her. Especially today. 


Hey guys, it's a short chapter sorry. It's sort of an insider to Siena's life. I'll try to write longer chapters. :)
Thank you all, love yous x 

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