Only One

Can Niall help 18 year old, Siena?
After all she's been through, can Niall give Siena the life she deserves?


3. His 'one and only?'

Niall's POV

'Maybe she has family issues?' Louis says. 
'Maybe having trouble lowering her walls?' Zayn suggests. 
'Yeah, she could be just finding out her love for you and...needs a little time to be able to confess,' Liam states. 
'I just don't get it. I gave her everything, am I not good enough?' Harry says sitting down. 
I open a new packet of chips, this might take awhile. 
'It will take time Harry, don't worry' Liam says, patting his back. Harry was talking about his crush, Ellie. He finally asked her out after going out together a couple of times but she said she doesn't know if she wants a boyfriend yet. They have confessed their liking for each other but 'she's confused'. 
I mean, some girls just make people like Harry fall for them. Then just leave them. Harry being Harry, has fallen to Ellie and now can't think about anything else. I mean, yes maybe he's found his girl but he shouldn't be so worried. I'm sure there's better people out there if she says no.  
She hasn't replied to Harry in two weeks. He's been worried, he barely goes outside. That boy needs to relax. 
I haven't had a girlfriend in ages, I don't even think I'll find a 'perfect' Girl for me. I'll be a single Irish man. Being single and avoiding such relationships will help me not be like Harry. I can avoid being worried and upset. I can be me and not worry about anything. 
'I guess so,' he replies, running his hand trough his hair. 
'Me and Eleanor are doing great,' Louis comments. Harry glares at him before looking down. I chuckle, I knew Louis said that to tease him.
'Sorry lad,' he bends in front of Harry making a puppy face. Harry just smacks his face jokiningly and Louis falls dramatically to the ground. 
'Oh could you!' He says clutching his heart. 
'I was just trying to...' He says before breaking down into fake sobs. 
'There there now,' Zayn says helping him get up. 
'And Harry, just give her some time man. Maybe she has a lot of things to think about. It will work out eventually,' Zayn says and sits beside Harry giving him a sympathetic smile. 
'What do you think Niall?' Liam asks me. All the boys turn to look at me, waiting for my response. Harry's green eyes looking right through me. 
'Urmm, yeah I guess she needs time...if I was you I wouldn't worry about anything. If she says yes, good for you. If she's says no, god has someone else special for you.' I say taking another chip. Somewhere out there, god does have someone for me. It might just take some time to find that angel. 
'Yeah but, I just think...she's 'the' one Niall,' Harry says slowly. I shake my head. 
'Harry, if she was the one for you she would say yes. I mean, you want the best for her right? If she doesn't want to be with you, let her be. Let her be happy with someone else. If she means that much to you, you would be happy to see her happy right? Even if its with someone else. And if that happens, I assure you god will make you fall in love again. Don't worry lad, Everything will be fine,' I say turning around to face him. All the boys' faces were shocked. 
'That's probably one of the deepest things I've ever heard from you,' Zayn finally says, breaking the silence. 
'I try,' I say simply, eating another chip. 
'Niall, you're right...' Harry says standing up, smiling. 
'Lets forget about Ellie for now, and have fun! I mean I kept you guys in for so long because I was worrying about her but now lets go out and be ourselves again,' Harry says happily, showing off his dimples. 
'And live while we're young!' Louis sings, dancing around. We all laugh and join in with him. 

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