Only One

Can Niall help 18 year old, Siena?
After all she's been through, can Niall give Siena the life she deserves?


5. Beauty

Niall's POV

'Shit, I'm sorry,' I say. 
She looks up, her blue eyes looking at me. Her dark brown hair was done in a braid, falling around her neck. She was gorgeous. 
She looks down immediately, stepping back. 
'Uh, cheers,' A blonde girl says to me, awkwardly smiling at the one looking at the ground. I give the blonde the bags and watched the brunette closely. She still had her eyes glued to the ground. 
'I'm sorry,' I whisper to her. I see her bite her lip, though she never left eye contact with the ground. The blonde whispers something to the brunette. She looks at her for awhile after the blonde nods and smiles. 
'Thank you,' she finally says looking at me for a second, then at the ground. The blonde smiles at the brunette, as if she's proud. Then she looks back me, staring at me for awhile. 
'You look a lot like Niall Horan from One Direction,' she says, studying my face.
'That's cos I am,' I smile at her. 
She quickly gasps, 'really?'
'Yup,' I say.
'Nice to meet you!' She says hugging me. I hug back. We break apart, my eyes still looking at the brunette. 
'Nice to meet you too,' I say, to the brunette. She looks up and smiles before looking at blonde. 
'Hi,' she says shyly. 
'I'm Crystal and this is Siena,' blondie says nodding at the brunette. 
'Nice to meet you both. Um, I'm with my friends, do you want to meet them?' I ask Crystal, who seemed to be a fan. 
'Ye-' she stops looking at Siena. 
Siena had a worried expression across her face as she shook her head slightly. Does she hate me?
'Its alright,' I heard Crystal whisper before looking back at me. 
'We'd love to,' she says grinning. I smile back at the girls, motioning them to follow me. 


'Sorry guys, if you have any plans we can drop you off?' I tell the girls. 
'No it's fine,' Crystal smiles at me. Siena was on her phone, her fringe falling around her face. I stared at her for awhile, she was beautiful. The car came to halt as I nearly hit Paul. 
'Sorry,' I say sheepishly before getting out of the car and opening the door for the girls. The lads came back to the hotel. We were running away from a store when I bumped into Siena. After I didn't arrive, they just left. Feeling the love. I told the girls they went back to the hotel, and they didn't mind coming along. Well, Crystal didn't. Siena didn't seem so keen meeting the boys, I wanted to find out why. 
I get the keys out of my pocket, fiddling to find the right one. 
Gosh, I hope they're not doing anything-
I felt water on my chest. I looked up and saw Louis holding a water gun. He quickly sprays Paul and looks at the two girls. He lowered the gun and shot me a questioning look. 
I glared at him, 'This is Crystal and Siena. This is Louis, girls,' I say turning back to him. 
'Hey girls,' he says waving at them before walking back into the hotel. I heard giggles from behind me and I turned around. I saw Crystal giggling and Siena smiling as she found it amusing. She quickly looked down when my eyes met her gaze, blushing. I smiled to myself letting the girls in. 
'Lads, this is Siena and Crystal,' I say. Crystal was grinning ear to ear whilst Siena stood partially behind Crystal, blushing. The lads and the girls introduced each other personally whilst I stood aside, looking at Siena. She replied to each of them shyly, not looking into their eyes for more than two seconds. It was when she smiled at Louis' joke, I realized she had dimples. 
'Hungry?' Liam asked the girls. 
'Yes,' I say to Liam. 
'Shush Niall,' he says shaking his head chuckling. I shrug and go to the kitchen grabbing an apple. 
'No thanks. If you didn't mind,' Crystals say checking her phone, 'we better leave now.' 
'Aw, well it was a pleasure having you both,' Liam says smiling. Crystal hugs all the lads and me whilst Siena stood I'm the corner waiting for Crystal. 
'Bye guys, nice meeting you all,' Crystal says standing at the door way. 
'Can I have both of your numbers?' I ask Crystal. 
'Sure,' she smiles. I give her my phone. 
'I typed Siena's too, bye,' she say walking downstairs. 
Siena looked up at me. She smiles before going downstairs. I watch her until she disappears. 
'Someone has a crush!' Zayn says punching my arm as I close the door. 
'Who?' I ask, trying to be innocent. What's the point, these boys know me better than anyone. 
'Siena!' They all shout at me in unison. I blush, throwing my apple at Louis, the closest to me. 
'That reminds me,' he says, 'ha!' 
Before I know it, I'm chased around by Louis holding a huge water gun. And soon, all the boys have they're own gun trying to spray me. 

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