Elizabeth is not your normal 23 year old. She's considered one of the best singers alive by critics and fans. Has won a Tony for her role in a Broadway show, and is nominated for a Grammy. But she's still 23. But when she's chosen as the director of movie version of the musical Wicked, she forced to confront some people from her past as a singer and Broadway actor. She had dated Harry Styles before, and it didn't end up well. But, he still loves her. Then things get awkward when Niall, James Franco, and boys who she knows from her childhood, all want her.


1. Elizabeth

My alarm went of. Great, another day auditioning people.

I rolled out of bed and pulled some "clean" clothes on. I grabbed my iPhone, a breakfast bar, my keys and bag, and ran out to my car.  I lived in an apartment in West Hollywood, and was currently working at a studio about 10 min. away. But they wanted me to be there at 6 am. and it was 5:50. Nobody actually got there at that time, but I wanted to clear my mind of the people who I might be auditioning today. My radio in my car came on and started playing a One Direction song. I flipped though a few stations, they all seemed to be playing One Direction or something close to them. That wasn't going to help. 


I'm 23, I used to totally be into One Direction. Then I dated Harry Styles for a month and a half. Let me tell you, it was the worst and best month and half of my life. I understand that most girls should die for that chance, but I would die not to have to date him again. I still think he's cute, I still text the other boys, and I haven't taken down my poster of Harry, but I am completely and utterly done with him. 

Normally, I would leave One Direction on the radio, and maybe sing along a bit, but I'd been informed that the boys would be trying out for my movie. 




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