Starting Over

A new life... after the sudden death of her family will Katherine ever be happy? She also has to move miles away from the place she has always called home. What will happen when a group of 5 guys come into her life? Can they make her happy?What happens if a boy named Liam Payne comes into her life?
*I have this story on so yeah I didn't steal it*


2. New School

Sorry it's short and crappy the get better.....thanks for reading though~Layla 

'Beep,beep' I hit the snooze button on my alarm clock.It's barely 6:30am five minutes wont't hurt. Just as I was drifting to sleep my cousin Rebecca walked into my room and said "your alarm clock may have a snooze button but I don't now get up" I grunted and got ready for school. Oh if you're wondering how old I am I'm 17. I now live in London, England. As I walked down the halls of my new school I bumped into someone. "s-sorry it was an accident" He gave me a warm smile and said" its ok I'm Niall and I'm guessing your new. would you like me to show you around?""sure" He has blonde hair and pretty blue eyes and a friendly smile. He was also my first friend here. I guess this day won't be so bad.....

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