Starting Over

A new life... after the sudden death of her family will Katherine ever be happy? She also has to move miles away from the place she has always called home. What will happen when a group of 5 guys come into her life? Can they make her happy?What happens if a boy named Liam Payne comes into her life?
*I have this story on so yeah I didn't steal it*


3. Meeting New People

Luckly me and Niall had first period together.It's math.I'm a nerd when it comes to math. Before we headed to math Niall said he wanted to inroduce me to someone special. That special someone turned out to be his beautiful girlfriend Magda Valdez.She is tall and has lovely light brown eyes.Her dark hair almost reaches her bum.I gave her a small wave and said "heyy I'm Katherine you must b-"Before I could finish she pulled me in for a tight hug. I think you could see the shock in my face because I heard Niall chuckle lightly.Magda interrupted my thoughts when she whispered "I'm Magda, sorry but I'm a hugger."I giggled and said "it's ok I can tell we are going to be really good friends but you can let go of me."She released me and grinned showing off her pearly white teeth.Niall interrupted us by telling Magda"you look breathtaking today babe"She blushed a deep red and responded by kissing him on the lips.They were so adorable that I had to look away.NO I don't like Niall that way.I barely met him but he seems like the guy who could be my bestfriend.It's just I want a relationship like that.Anyone could easily see they are in love.Alot of adults say teenagers are too young to know what love is or how it feels to be in love.But we do. Love is not some thing you think you feel it's something you just feel.You may be  head over heels  in love and not realize it right away but when you are in  love it may take a while but you will know.In this case I think everybody knows Niall and Magda are crazy for each other.You can see it in their eyes.A bell interrupted my thoughts.I realized that means class is going to start.I started to worry  but Niall is my friend so I won't be completely alone, will I?I heard Niall say "bye love I love you"Magda responded by saying"I love you more"Niall started to say"Not possibl-"I cut him off by saying "You guys love each other blah blah but can we please go to class I don't want to  be late" Magda chuckled when she saw Niall glaring at me and said"she's right babe see you at lunch"He groaned and said"fine bye ."We walked into class. Niall went  and sat by 3 guys whileI introduced myself to the teacher.After I did Niall signaled me to  come sit with him and his friends. I took a seat inbetween a guy with a quiff and a guy who has curly hair.The  guy with the quiff introduced himself.He gave me a shy smile and said with a strong british accent"I'm Zayn"He is really hot.Before Zayn could said anything else the guy with curly cut him off  by saying "I'm Harry and that over there is Louis"he said pointing to guy in stripes who was sitting by Niall.He continued saying"He's mine  but no I'm not gay if that's what you're wondering."I heard Zayn mumble"I'm not so sure about that"I siliently laughed.I think he saw me because he grinned.He is perfect I would say yes if he asked me out.Maybe Zayn isn't right for me..... or is he?Now time to focus on math.

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