Starting Over

A new life... after the sudden death of her family will Katherine ever be happy? She also has to move miles away from the place she has always called home. What will happen when a group of 5 guys come into her life? Can they make her happy?What happens if a boy named Liam Payne comes into her life?
*I have this story on so yeah I didn't steal it*


1. Katherine Stone

Heyy lovelies, 

My full name is Katherine Layla Stone.I have to start a new life. I haven't heen completely been happy these past months  
Favorite color: purple
hair color: brown with blondish tips
likes: cute guys and chocolate and Cher Lloyd
dislikes:cheaters and bullies and pickles and planes
Well thats me. oh no my first day of school is tomorrow

A/n I know it is sucky the first few chapters will suck but I think they get better please keep reading~Layla dayne

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