You're Not Alone

The title explain it, you are not alone. There is always going to be ups and downs but where there a will there's a way. Read this if you have the time and let me know if this helps you of any sort, if not then I hope the people who read this get what im trying to say and know that we are all never alone.


1. You'e not alone

Breathlessly im running, running forward blind,
life has shown no mercy and all im asking is why?
Ive played the part you sent me, is there a god out there?
Im reaching out, please help me does no one really care!
My "friends" have all betrayed me, my family does not know,
the things in life I go through is like a horror show.
Id rather leave this Earth now, not bound to any fear,
im walking with no senses, so tired with sobbing and tears.


The answer to life is growing, that is why were the human race,
from the cot to the grave we prosper every second, minute and day.
Life is a tunnel of uncertainty, a world of happiness and gain,
which also has depression and mixed feelings along the way.
We all in life stop walking and take a look around,
wars going on in the world, starvation in places not bound.
We all wonder why are there people who make the world so distraught,
the little things some can handle is shunned with no second thought.
The world is unfair some may complain, if I had power I wouldn't change,
I would give food to all that are hungry, and money to those who deem strange.
But woe is the man who boasts intently, about what he would do with what,
power he does not grasp fully is something that makes distraught,
We all are born with a seed, a seed that thirsts for sunlight,
this seed will grow into something, which will help us learn wrong from right.
Hope gives birth to courage, and courage gives birth to flight,
we all have the power already, so why do we all have to fight?
Although the people around us may spit and scorn us severe,
keep on walking intently, with no space for their hate or fear.
The battles we go through shall scar us, and make us into who we are,
the people we thought were much better, will no longer hold key to the mind.
You're not the only one who has fought, through what you are going through now,
and if you are then delight in it and grow into what you deem far.
What may kill us now will support us, and though we are alone at times,
the barricades set up around us will stop all of the petty crimes.
The world will never be perfect for that we all know is true,
but living a life with scars from all strife will grow into something brand new.
Nothing lasts forever, no matter on what we deem right.
So pick up your shield and sword my friend and battle towards the daylight.
You're not alone I do tell you, although helping hands may seem far,
open your eyes for once in your life and take in what happens is fate.
Although the events that are waiting, are hiding in shadows of night,
look forward towards them and take everything on board so you no longer shall fight.
The seed that everyone holds is the freedom, the cherub and key to our souls,
unlock it with truth and you shall see proof of the power that we all do hold.

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