California Girl

The story of a california girl named Katie Summers going to an all boys school in Bradford


1. Katie


Katie Summers


Hey! I'm Kaitlin Dorothy Jane Summers, but I go by Katie most of the time. I absolutely LOVE four things. 1) Harry Potter. (Ya, it's geeky but who cares?) 2) Music. (who doesn't?) 3) Pranking. (It's my life bro) and 4) surfing.My fave place to hang out would probably be the beach<3. I'm 16, and my b-day is January 1st. (New Years Day) I have wavy dirty-blonde hair, I have sky blue eyes, I have dimples, I'm 5'5", and I'm a Junior.....well at least I will be starting on October 21. That's when I start school.

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