Andrea Samantha Salvatore

First ever storry written. Please give feedback. Andrea is Damon & Stefan's little sister.She was the rock that held their family together.They thought she was dead.What happens when she returns will she be the thing that brings her family close again or will her past full of unexpected relationships be the things that destroys her family altogther.


6. The Second Reunion

Stefan P.O.V

“Did he say why he wanted you guys to come back straight away” I asked curiously wanting to know why Damon just randomly freaked out.

“No he just told us to come back. It seemed he had literally just seen a ghost” Elena said as she walked back and forth.

Caroline was sitting on the lounge next to Bonnie who had one of Emily’s Spell books in her hand still trying to figure out what had happened

“What did you say her name was again” I asked for the Fifth time while standing up joining Elena.

“Andy Stamons” Caroline said rubbing her temples in frustration.

I was as curious as to who she was. She had to be someone known to Damon really well because he doesn’t react like that for anyone.

I was about to pour another drink when Damon walked in with an emotionless face. I ran up to him in vampire speed and held him against the wall.

“Why, Why would you untie her, she is a vampire but not just a Vampire, one that is immune to Bonnie’s magic. We promised that we would get rid of any Vampire who came to town to protect Elena, and then you go and do this. Just explain it” I yelled frustrated that he could be so selfish

“Brother you will be very glad I did this. Trust me she is no threat to Elena” Damon said trying to release the grip.

“TRUST YOU, last time I did that... I “

“Stefan don’t blame Damon”

 I turned my head to see who interrupted me. I lost all control and feeling in my hands. I began to let go of Damon while I kept starring at the Girl who stood in front of me. I didn’t believe it at the start but everything was the same. The way she smiled, her voice, her posture.

 I began to walk forward processing the image in front of me. It took me a while to adjust that the girl standing there was my little sister.

“Andrea” I said softly, while starring at her with my shocked face, tears beginning to form.

“Yep, the one and only” she smiled while twirling around. I walked up to her not taking my eyes of her. “How is this possible, you died?” I said while stroking a piece of hair from her eyes.

“That we do not know” Damon said while joining us with a scotch in his hand. “The only thing we remember is her getting staked and the only memory she has, is seeing us to getting stacked” Damon said while slipping her a glass of scotch.

I still hadn’t stopped looking at her; it was so rare seeing her in flesh again. Remembering everything we went through together and after she supposedly died. I randomly grabbed her into a hug, squeezing her so tight not wanting to let go.

“Stefan, can’t Breathe” she coughed while trying to let go.

“Sorry” I said softly letting her go and watching her fix herself up. WE were Starring at each other forgetting we did have company.

“HELLLOOO…..someone going to explain what the hell is going on?” we looked to see a very inpatient and confused Caroline standing with her hands on her hips, joined by both Bonnie and Elena.

I grabbed Andrea’s hands and lead her towards them.

“Guys I would like to introduce you to Andrea Samantha Salvatore our…. Our…. Little sister. I could barely even speak I was in so much shock.

Andrea this is Elena, Bonnie and Caroline.

“Sister… you have a sister and you never told us” Caroline said frustrated while waving her hands everywhere. You could tell she was very annoyed that she didn’t know.

Elena interrupted her and stepped forward towards us whispering curiously “you’re Andrea”

“I’m guessing they did mention me then.” she said while putting her hand out to shake. Already knowing her name.

“Stefan was so correct; you are like a mixture of both of them” she said while a small smile formed on her face.  Both Damon and I laughed a little at the comment.

“Anyone Please?” Caroline still going on being annoyed.

“We didn’t tell you guys because we thought she died 36 years ago and we never really liked talking about it” Damon said while still drinking his scotch.

Caroline then calmed down a little bit “Oh... Wow that’s crazy”

“So why are you named Andy Stamons instead of your real name?”  Bonnie said while entering the conversation, you could tell she was a bit unsure of it all. We all looked at her wondering the answer.

“You see, a few years after I thought my brothers died, I wasn’t coping very well with their death and spent most of my days trying to seek revenge. I then thought it was time for a new start and by changing my name, I was able to start a new life without any baggage I have had 2 different names before this one. I then got use to it but I always kept my brothers close. If you think about carefully Stamon is a combination between Stefan and Damon” Andrea said looking at both of us giving us a smile. She put her head down and said.

“I know you all have questions and so do I and will explain everything but I know we have been apart for a long time and we need to catch up but a lot of things have happened in my life that I want to keep to myself for a while, but… but I promise I will tell you when the time is right”

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