Andrea Samantha Salvatore

First ever storry written. Please give feedback. Andrea is Damon & Stefan's little sister.She was the rock that held their family together.They thought she was dead.What happens when she returns will she be the thing that brings her family close again or will her past full of unexpected relationships be the things that destroys her family altogther.


5. The First Reunion

The First Reunion


Elena P.O.V


Damon and Stefan have been away for 2 days now. They couldn’t get back home yesterday because of bad weather. I was sitting with Caroline and Bonnie at my house, we were meant to be doing homework but all we could think about was what happened a couple of days ago. I know bonnie has been reading a lot of spell books trying to figure out why she wasn’t affected by her magic. I know it was hard for her, she didn’t really have anyone she could turn to talk about magic, she only had the witches that had passed but for some reason they weren’t saying much.

“So you got anything yet bonnie” Caroline said attempting to break the silence.

“NO I DON’T” she yelled angrily giving us a frustrated look. Before we could say anything she quickly apologized

“Look I’m sorry, it’s just these last couple of nights I haven’t slept, I been trying to work out why she didn’t even flinch when I did that spell. I am just scared that something could be wrong with my magic. That’s the only thing that can keep me safe from these vampires. ” she gave Caroline another sorry face after realizing what she has just said.

All of the sudden my phone rang and I was relieved when I saw who it was.

 “Look Stefan is calling, soon this will be all over and I am sure there is nothing wrong with you magic” I said while leaning over to touch Bonnies hand to make sure she was alright.

“Hey Stefan, I missed you” I said smiling knowing I was going to hear his voice again.

“Hey, I have missed you so much and when Damon told me about the Vampire I was so worried if anything...”

 “Stefan I am fine, nothing happened, I am just glad you are home” stopping him in the middle of his sentence knowing he was probably really worried

“Yeah me too, I was just ringing to tell you that Damon wants to meet you at the dungeon in like 20 minutes , I am going to stay home, I have a few things to do, is that alright with you?” he asked knowing I sometimes felt uncomfortable with Damon

“Yeah sure, I am with Caroline and bonnie anyway so we will meet him soon, I bet to go I will talk to you later, I love you” I said while gathering up my stuff.

“Love you to” he said in the way that made my heart stop beating. I hung up the phone and started gathering my stuff. Caroline already knew what was going on because she would’ve been able to hear our conversation.

“I’m going to head home, if that’s alright with you, how bout I meet you later on?”  Bonnie said while also getting up and beginning to walk to the door. I was worried about her, I didn’t know if she didn’t want come because of Damon or if she was still really worried about her magic.


Caroline and I both walked through the bush, and waited for Damon to arrive, we knew he would only be a second behind us. I looked at Caroline and saw she was tensed up about seeing Damon.

“Thank you for coming”, I said while smiling at her to see that this really meant a lot to me.

“Of course I was going to come, your my best friend anything to protect you even if that involves hanging with” she was about to say something when Damon appeared right in front of us.

“Hello ladies, long time no see” Damon said while giving us his smirk.

“Let’s get this over and done with so we can find out who sent this Vampire and what she wants.” he said while looking at us like we had interrupted him from a very busy meeting.

He pointed at us to lead the way down the dungeon. We won’t even half way when we heard someone yelling. “Let me out, I haven’t done anything wrong” she pleaded but all Damon could do was smile. I just looked at him with an annoyed face.

Before we reached the dungeon, I grabbed making him turn round. “Wait Damon, I have to tell you something,  look the other day when we put her in there she attacked Caroline” Damon gave Caroline a mean look.

“No Wonder” he commented laughing a little

“Damon, that’s not why I told you, I told you because Bonnie used her magic but it had no effect on her, it was like she was immune to it.” Damon face turned into shock while he began to walk to the Dungeon.

Damon P.O.V

I waited till Elena went in and removed the vervaine from around her, so it wouldn’t affect me or Caroline in anyway. I walked in with Caroline behind me and saw this girl with brown and blondish hair. She had her arms tied behind her with her head dropped and her hair was covering her face. She was too weak to look up.  In some ways I was proud of what they did.

“You really know how to keep a Vampire weak don’t you” I joked while walking towards the girl. I didn’t care how long it took; I was going to find out why she was here.

“Why are you here” I yelled at her, holding a branch which I was going to stab her with. She didn’t even move once, I nudged her but not one little movement. That’s when I got angry. I stormed over to her and lifter her chin roughly.

 Before I could even begin to speak, my heart dropped, I couldn’t even breathe.

Elena must have seen my face because she was the first to speak. “Damon are you ok, what’s wrong? Do you know her” she asked wanting answer as to why I was to shock to even move.

I lifted her head even more so we looked into each other’s eyes; I could tell she was as surprised and stunned as I was. I could see her beginning to form tears in her eyes and from her being so shocked all she could softly say was “Damon”

After she spoke and I heard her voice, numbness took over my body and for the first time in a while I started to feel something. I stood up a backed up against the brick wall. Not knowing what was happening, if this was a dream or if my sister was really sitting in front of me. I looked between Caroline and Elena, which both had shocked and confused faces as to why I was acting like this. I then looked back at Andrea and realized she was still tired up with vervaine ropes. She was too weak to even move.

“Elena, untie her right away” I ordered pointing towards Andrea

“Damon, what’s going on? Talk to me” Elena said looking really confused. I calmed down and put my hand on her shoulder. “Please don’t Ask questions, just untie her will you, then go with Caroline back to our house” I walked towards Caroline who stood back watching with confusion.

“Caroline, I need you to call Stefan and tell him that he has to change his plans and that you guys will be coming over there and that I will be home soon.” I gave her a look and waited till she started leaving. I then looked back at Elena who had finished.

“Are you going to be alright here, what happens if she snaps and hurts you, I can’t just leave you here alone” Elena said while walking towards the gate. I laughed a little.

“Elena come on, don’t worry she is not going to hurt me and besides even if you were here what could you do to protect me from a Vampire” I smiled at her forgetting that she was only a human

 “Elena I am going to need you to call bonnie and have her meet at our house.”  I screamed before she left my sight.

With everyone gone, I turned back towards Andrea who was still too weak to move. For moments we both looked at each other trying to figure out how this was possible. She was the first to speak.

“Damon you are meant to be dead, both you and Stefan how… how is this possible? She stumbled out.

“I don’t know, last time I saw you was in 1972 and you were getting Staked” I rambled out, I was so confused, I knew I had to calm down. I leant over her and touched her cheek like I use to when she was younger. As soon as I did it was like all these memories I had of her came flashing back. Standing in front me was my little sister, the one that use to help me, the one that Stefan and I practically raised, the one I thought I lost.

“Come on; hold on, I will carry you home; there is someone you should probably have a reunion with? ‘I whispered as I picked her up like a baby and started to walk home. On the way home we didn’t say much, we just looked at each other trying to figure out how this was possible.

Andrea P.O.V

We were about to come out of the bush. I was feeling heaps stronger since Damon gave me some of his blood. All the way home I looked at how different he was. He had this whole bad guy look going on.

“This whole image you have got going on. I like, you look older, I bet you break a lot of girl’s hearts with it” I laughed while glancing over at him.

He gave me a smirk “well Thank you and I don’t think you will want to know that answer.” He smiled

 “I have to say I do like your whole look as well, I have to admit I did prefer you know the whole full length dresses, but this is nice, how many guys do I have to break? “

He smiled as he took my hand and lead me outside the woods, to the house.

“Wow, it’s exactly the same as I remember it” I said as I looked all over the outside of the house.

“When was the last time you were in mystic falls” he asked as we walked towards the house.

“About 18 years ago” I said.

 I stopped in front of the porch. Not wanting to go any further.

“You’re not nervous are you little sis?” He knew I was but asked anyway.

 I looked at him, he looked the same but his attitude and personality was so different.

“Damon of course I am, seeing you were a shock but knowing that my brother who I haven’t seen for 36 years is just behind that door. It makes me have butterflies.


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