Andrea Samantha Salvatore

First ever storry written. Please give feedback. Andrea is Damon & Stefan's little sister.She was the rock that held their family together.They thought she was dead.What happens when she returns will she be the thing that brings her family close again or will her past full of unexpected relationships be the things that destroys her family altogther.


1. Intro

The Salvatore sister


 They say love is what makes the world go round, its life’s greatest blessing. There are various types of love, love between family and friends which build bonds stronger than life its self, and then there is the love between a man and a woman which controls so many aspects of our life, it’s the reason behind our decisions which help define who we are. But what happens if that one love can destroy the bond we have with our family and friends, do we take a chance of being happy but knowing it can potentially hurt the people who helped raise us, or do we push the love away and ignore our feelings for the sake of others and keep hoping someday we will find another love as powerful.



Andrea Salvatore was Damon and Stephen’s little sister, you could say she was their first unconditional love, before Elena and Katherine, but it was a different love, the love between a brother and sister. Even though they not always got a long, Andrea’s safety and feelings was one thing they did agree with. She was everything to them, the rock that held their family together. They believed she had died, she also believed her brothers were long gone. What happens if one day she sees her brothers again? Can she be the rock that brings her family close again? Or will her past full of unexpected relationship and friendship be the thing to finally break her families bond.


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