Andrea Samantha Salvatore

First ever storry written. Please give feedback. Andrea is Damon & Stefan's little sister.She was the rock that held their family together.They thought she was dead.What happens when she returns will she be the thing that brings her family close again or will her past full of unexpected relationships be the things that destroys her family altogther.


2. Grief



Damon P.O.V

I was sitting in mystic grill in my usual spot waiting for some woman to help me forget about my problems.  The Gang was back at the boarding house figuring out ways to get rid of Katherine. Even though I couldn’t wait to get rid of that bitch after everything I have found out these last couple of days, it wasn’t her that I couldn’t get of my mind. It was my little sister Andrea, and the fact that today, 36 years ago my little vampire sister got staked trying to save me and my brother.

I was shaken out of my thoughts when someone bumped into me.

“I am so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going” said a young girl who didn’t look older than 20, you could tell she had way too much to drink and could barely stand up.

“Oh no problem, I was about to have another one, would you like to join me um miss….”I said giving my seductive face.

“Burn, Sandy Burn and you are?” she replied, barely able to stop looking at my beautiful eyes.

“Damon Salvatore” she gave me a flirty smile while she sat down and started rambling on about nothing. I wasn’t interested one little bit, I just wanted to use her and drink her blood hoping it would take my mind of this awful day. But everything she said and the way she looked just reminded me of my sister and the way she always would give me lectures about treating women with respect and not taking advantage of them. I often wonder what she would think of me, and how she would probably love Stefan and be disgusted in the way I act and how much I have changed over these past years. She never judged anyone, especially me even though I made a lot of mistakes over the years. Andrea and I always shared that connection; we knew how each other felt especially when dad use to put us down all the time.

“Um, Damon you listening? How bout we go back to my house for some fun?” the girl said seductively while raising her hand up my thigh.

Being caught off guard I knew I had to get out of there “ Nah sorry, I have to be a lot more drunk, to sleep with someone your age”  I quickly let go of her hand and walked out of the grill before she could say anything.

Bonnie and Caroline were the last ones leaving when I walked into the house. Not saying anything just giving me a death stare, realizing they were probably still mad about the whole compelling Caroline when she was Human.

“Where have you been?” I heard coming from Stefan who was giving Elena a back rub. “Yeah I thought you were going to help with the whole Katherine issue” she said while getting and walking towards me with a concerned face.

“You Know, just been out having fun, you guys should try it sometime” I spat back, acting like they were annoying me.

“Well we should go to bed, Stefan quickly said while quickly shuffling Elena up the stairs. He looked at me and somehow knew what was wrong. Stefan knew what today was but he never showed his pain, he used a lot of the drama that was going on around mystic fall to distract him, so he wouldn’t have to recall the past because I knew he blamed himself for her death.

I waited to they went to bed, so I could do what I usually do on the night of her anniversary. Even though I act all tough and like I have no heart, when I am alone I become vulnerable. I knew I had to be close to her somehow, so I got the box that I secretly keep in my room and took it down to the lounge room where I grabbed myself and drink and got comfortable in front of the fire  ready to spend the night  looking through my sisters most precious things. There were her three diaries which she expressed her most inner thoughts and feelings, I didn’t really like reading them, it hurts me to think she went through pain and depression and she couldn’t even come to me for help. It breaks my heart to think that we neglected her for Katherine.

“You know I miss her to, everything about her, there is not one day that I don’t think about what life would be like if she was still around” Stefan said with sadness in his voice while walking over to the box , i could see him trying so hard to fight back the tears.

“Thought you were upstairs with Elena” I said while not looking up from the dairies.

“He was but he wanted to come to check on you for some reason, see that’s the difference between you to, he has a heart, after the way you treat him he actually keeps worrying about you.” We both looked up to see Elena walking down the stairs towards me with a stern look on her face.

“So what’s this? Some ex-girlfriend who realized you were a player and didn’t have a heart and not capable of love?” she said while trying to hide in her laughter. She picked up a poem she wrote and studied it closely.

Stefan was about to say something, when I cut him of “yeah your right, but hey is that jealousy I hear in your voice” I sarcastically said while getting of the lounge and walking up stairs with the diaries in my hands, trying to hide the hurt and anger from my face

 “ but to tell you the truth it is someone that I care deeply about and actually is the only girl that I love unconditionally, but that’s probably hard for you  to understand seeing I do not have a heart and all” I angrily said before slamming my bedroom door. Stefan saw the hurt in my eyes and knew he had to give me space, there was nothing he could do to make me feel better, but he also knew it was time to tell Elena about the other Salvatore.



Stefan P.O.V

“What the hell was that all about, I was only joking, didn’t think he would take it so hard.” Elena asked after Damon had left the room.


“Just give him a break, it’s a hard time at the moment for both of us” I said while sitting down trying to figure out how I was going to tell her about Andrea, it was hard to even think about let alone say it out loud.

 She stopped rambling through the box and sat down next to me with her hand on my shoulder for comfort.

“What’s wrong Stefan, I could tell you have been down all day, is it something about this girl? She looked into my eyes and saw the sadness and tears forming in my eyes.” Oh Stefan you know you can tell me, I am here for you, just like your here for me.” I looked into her eyes and so general compassion. That’s what I love so much about Elena, she has so much going on in her life and all she can think about is other people. In Some ways she reminded me of Andrea, the kindness she had towards people and how she always gave people second chances.

“She’s….. She’s our little Sister, Andrea Samantha Salvatore” finally getting it out without breaking down.

“You’re Sister, You Have a sister?”  She asked with this shocked and confused look on her face.

I took both of her hands hoping she wouldn’t freak out and give me a chance to explain.” Had... a Sister, she died 36 years ago today. I would have told you but it’s a difficult situation to talk about for both me and Damon, you see we don’t mention her a lot, well actually at all even though we both miss her terribly we can’t get ourselves to even talk about her or even visit her grave that we made, her death is probably the main reason we aren’t that close and reason Damon doesn’t show any emotion.

“36 years ago, so she was a Vampire as well?” she asked trying to get her head around things.

“You could call her that or maybe a human that drank blood ha” I said with a massive smile forming over my face, from remembering the way my sister use to forget that she was a vampire. “You see when my sister was turned her humanity never changed or died; it was like she was a human. She uses to have the biggest heart and always lived by believing that vampire was only evil if you allowed it to take over your life and your humanity” quickly glancing over and Elena to see if I should continue, her smiled showed me that I should. “She was the most beautiful girl I had ever known and wasn’t just because of her beauty but it mostly about how kind and big her heart was, you see she helped me and Damon a lot.

Elena could tell I was getting emotional and pulled me into a hug “she was a big part of your lives wasn’t she?” she asked curiously hoping I would tell her more.

“Yeah you know she helped me with getting over the ripper and learning to drink animal blood, she kept me in order and knew when I was having difficulties, but you know she was the only one that knew how to handle Damon and his personality and when she was alive we were so much closer than we are now, Back then Damon didn’t live with us but he visited all the time and we always knew where each other were. But when she died, Damon turned off his last part of humanity and that’s when we grew apart. It was like his way of handling his grief, I went the other way, I made sure that I keep my humanity on and live as much a normal life that I possibly could, doesn’t matter how hard life got, because the one thing she made us realize is that its ok to have feeling and emotions even when you’re a vampire”. I drank some of my scotch hoping it would help with some of the pain. “You’re the first person that I have ever told, I didn’t know it would be this hard” there was a minutes of silence where I just looked at my empty cup, letting flashes of her flicker through my head.

Elena finally broke the silence giving me a comforting hug she had to ask the one question that would make me recall the worst day of my life. “How did she get staked?”

I knew I couldn’t jump or deny this question; she had to know why she died and how it was our fault.



Stefan P.O.V

“Damon, quit it you know I don’t like seeing you eat out of a human, she is just a girl.” He looked into the fear in her eyes; Andrea stepped in and tried to stop Damon killing another innocent person. I couldn’t just walk in I still wasn’t use to being round human blood. All of the sudden Damon suddenly snapped it at Andrea, he had her by the throat Yelling at her “leave Andrea, I will compel her later she will never remember a thing” I saw the fear in Andreas eyes, Damon had never reacted like this before. I tried to calm Damon down telling him it was Andrea, but it was like all of his emotions had gone.

Andrea was struggling to get words out” please Damon, someone is going to catch you, just please calm down” she said softly while trying to softly Pull his hand away, hoping he would realize who it was and release her.

I kept looking around hoping no one was watching, there was so much fear in her eyes she began to cry. I knew I had to step in and break the argument up. I quickly ran over to the crying girl who was on the ground looking up at the shocking scene that was happening in front of her. “It is going to be alright, soon you will never remember this, but first I have to stop this” I quickly said reassuring her that soon it will be alright. I ran up to Damon, who still had his hand around her neck spitting words that were so hurtful to Andrea.

“Stop it Damon, she is our sister, she is only trying to help, let her go” I yelled trying to pull Damon Back but he was to strong compare to me.

“NOOO I have had enough of this bullshit she goes on with about humanity and not feeding of humans, we are VAMPIRES sister you have to realize that, this is what we do to survive” he yelled getting angrier and angrier.

 He was about to say something when all of the sudden his eyes opened up and he dropped his hand from her throat, falling to the ground in pain, having difficulties’ breathing. My sister and I looked at each other for a split second having no idea what was going on. That’s when we turn around and saw the young girl who was once crying holding a stake in her hand hovering over Damon with pure anger in her eyes.

Andrea starts freaking out “what are doing, just put the stake down, you know you can’t take on three vampires” at this stage Damon is still trying to recover from the stabbing.   The young girl starts to walk forward” Yeah I know, but these people can” she points to a group of men walking towards us, who all have weapons in their hands, “ you see we try very hard to keep our town safe from you guys, your Filthy vampires” she says while grinding her finger over the stake.

Andrea quickly glances out me, and whispers “on the count of three grab Damon and run to the street as fast as you can. I have a plan to distract them. 1, 2…… 3” all of the sudden she makes a loud noise and makes a few boxes fall down on the side of the alley. I grab Damon as fast as I can and run around the corner with Andrea tailing me. Once we get round the corner and place Damon down I see flames coming from the alley. Andrea must of seen the shock on my face and quickly reassured me  “Don’t worry I made sure no one got hurt it was only a way to distract them, now come on let’s get this idiot home” she laughed while kicking nudging him in the stomach.

I was about to pick up Damon when I realized that my daylight ring had fallen off. “Shittttt…..” I swore making Andrea run up to me thinking something was wrong with me. I explain that I had dropped my daylight ring while trying to escape. “Don’t worry stay here, I will go grab it” she reassured me, “Don’t it’s too dangerous.” I said trying to stop her from going, but in flash she was gone and stood a couple of meters in front of me. Damon and I still could see her shadow in front of the flames, she bent down to pick the ring and was about to come back.

I couldn’t even breathe when she left, thinking how stupid of her to go back. I also saw the fear in Damon eyes that began to get up and go grab her. We began to walk towards her when all of the sudden we saw two shadows run up to grab her. “Andrea look out, behind you” Damon shouted hoping to grab her attention. But it happened too fast. The last thing that we remember seeing is Andrea throwing the ring back towards us and seeing someone stake her and making her drop to the ground. We scream out to her and we were going to run towards her but that’s before someone snapped our neck.




End of Flashback

Stefan P.O.V

At this stage I couldn’t help keep the tears back. I looked at Elena seeing her face full of sadness.

“So she died, trying to help you guys out?” she asked, but before I could answer she had me in a hug. “Don’t blame yourself, it’s not your fault” she reassured me, hoping it would help.

“But it is Elena, if I didn’t drop the ring she would not of gone back, and she would have been alive today” I argued, while jumping out of her hug which surprised her a little bit.

“Stefan, it’s not and it’s not Damon’s fault either, from what I just heard your sister sounded like she was a caring person her was always going to put your needs first. It was her choice to go back Stefan and if she was as stubborn as you and Damon, I think it was impossible to change her mind. If she was here today do you think she would want you and Damon blaming yourselves as much as you are. That you have so much guilt that you can’t even talk about her or mention her name? I think she would be so proud of you Stefan, the way you live your life.” 

She said while coming up to me and giving me another hug, she took my hand and guided me upstairs” come on lets go to bed and you can tell me more about you little sister”

After we talked for a couple of hours and I told her more about my sister, the way she was a mixture between me and Damon,  and the way she helped me and Damon. Elena had fallen asleep; it made me think that Elena was right; we can’t keep pushing the memory of our sister away because it is too hard to think about. I thought about Andrea and thought she would hate her presence not being remembered like she didn’t exist.

The Next morning Elena and I walked downstairs to grab some breakfast. Damon was already up having a coffee or some blood.

“Hey Damon, look I am sorry for what I said last night, Stefan explained everything to me and told me about Andrea, I am really sorry that you had to lose her, from what I heard she was obviously played a big part in your life” Elena said while walking to grab a piece of fruit, hoping Damon would forgive her.

“I guess its ok, that’s the one day I show a tiny tiny little bit of my humanity” he said with a smirk on his face. “You guys better head of, don’t want to be late for school” he laughed while leaving the room.


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