Andrea Samantha Salvatore

First ever storry written. Please give feedback. Andrea is Damon & Stefan's little sister.She was the rock that held their family together.They thought she was dead.What happens when she returns will she be the thing that brings her family close again or will her past full of unexpected relationships be the things that destroys her family altogther.


4. Finding Out

Dear Kane

First day was pretty boring, same as it was nearly 15 years ago. All day I kept hearing you in my head saying “why do you want to go to school, you’ve already done it about five times.” I know you find it useless but you are much older than me. I met a guy named Jeremy he was really nice, not what I expected though. I also saw Elena, she looks so much older then I last saw her, I hope she has the life that she deserves. She was with that Bennat witch, as soon as I saw her, I thought about Emily, and the way she protected and cared about me. I miss her so much; she was and will forever be my best friend.  I know I tell you all the time, but I miss you and I wish you were here with me.  I will talk to you later

Forever and always

Andy xx

Andrea P.O.V

With that I put the letter away knowing I would never have the courage to send it, or even the location to send it to. Just hoping he was alright. I put on my jacket and headed out the door t go have a snack at mystic grill.

I walked in and immediately saw Jeremy, so I walked over and sat in the same booth.

“Hey Andy, what brings you to mystic grill today?  He asked having a huge grin on his face

“Well I heard this is where all the cool people hang out”, I sarcastically replied.

“Yeah well if it is, then there is no way Jeremy would be allowed in here” I looked up realizing it wasn’t Jeremy’s voice. There in front stood a tall boy with blonde hair and a great smile.

I saw in the corner of my eyes, Jeremy was sarcastically laughing towards the boy. Before he focused back on me.

“Oh sorry, we are my manners. Andy this is Matt, Matt this is Andy, Andy is from La” he said while matt sat down and joined us. We talked about my old hometown, family and what people do for fun around here. Just when we were going to order some more food, Elena walked in with bonnie I knew because both Jeremy and Matt stared at them when they walked over to another table. I knew they must have had some kind of trouble with their relationships.





Elena P.O.V

We walked in and decided to get a table on the other side of mystic grill, I thought it would be better for bonnie to not have to sit and watch Jeremy hanging with another girl, even though I knew she had already seen them. We were about to order when I saw Caroline come through the back door. She walked in with this happy grin on her face; I think she actually thought we believed it. But we knew she wasn’t coping being a new vampire.

“Hey Caroline where were you today?” bonnie asked being concerned that she hasn’t been to school for a couple of days.

“You know just having a little break, been really tired recently” she laughed back and looking at the menu hoping we would not bring the topic up. Bonnie and I both got the hint and didn’t talk about vampires or anything like that. Bonnie was still looking at Jeremy and I knew she was curious as who she was.

“Hey you wanna go say hello and introduce maybe there is a reason why they are hanging out?” I asked seeing she was very curious.

“Alright let’s go get this over with” she replied with a huff. We walked over with Caroline trailing behind us.

“Hey Jeremy, we saw you and thought we might come and introduce ourselves to your new friend” I said with a sweet smile on my face, hoping she didn’t see there was a reason behind it.

“Hey I am Bonnie and this is Elena and Caroline, you are new aren’t you” she asked while reaching out to shake her hand.

“Hey I am Andy and yeah First day today, thankfully its over” she said shaking Bonnie’s, mine and Caroline’s hands. I suddenly felt someone grab my hand and squeeze it, while Jeremy was explaining our relationship to Andy, I glanced at bonnie and saw her mouth the words, VAMPIRE!

A that moment I my heart dropped I again quickly looked at Caroline who also had this dead looking face.  I wanted to act normal but also get the hell out of there. We both knew what had to happen, the only thing we had to work out was, how we were going get her outside.

I then had an idea. “So we have a party coming up and we were about to go shopping, would you like to join us?” I asked again with that innocent smile. “Umm….” Bonnie quickly cut her of knowing she was hesitating “you have to come, you didn’t want to hang around Jeremy all day, besides we will give you a tour of mystic falls, not everybody get a tours by the one and only Miss Mystic Falls ” she said smiling while pointing at Caroline. This made Caroline grown a smirk.

“Oh Ok, alright I will come, it will be fun” she replied gathering her things up “I will see you tomorrow, ok Jeremy”

“Yeah see you tomorrow” getting up and letting her put of the booth. We were heading out of the grill, all thinking how we were going to do this. I think we all came up with the same conclusion without even talking. We walked down the alley next to the grill asking random things to keep her distracted. I was the only one with the syringes so I started to fall back behind them and pretend I was texting of my phone. Right when we were near the corner behind the grill, that’s when I attacked knowing I had to be fast or she would see it coming.

“What the…. She began to drop to her knees with weakness; bonnie still had a grip on her shoulder while Caroline ran off to grab the car so we could take her to the woods. Knowing we didn’t have long.

“What are you doing here?” I asked with a tone in my voice, by the time she could answer Caroline was there lifting her in the car. The Whole trip she had a grip on Andy seeing she was stronger at that point. We carried her through the bush, not really talking I think we were all feeling bad at what we were doing. She might have been passing through the town but we know we couldn’t take a chance.

“So when will Damon be back, I don’t like the idea of throwing her in a dungeon.” Caroline randomly said. Opening the gate to the underground dungeon, which Stefan had shown me a couple of months before.

“I know I hate the idea as well, I hate the feeling she might just be an innocent vampire, but Damon said we couldn’t take the risk and if we call he will leave straight away and head back” I said carefully guiding them through the tunnel.

“By the way Elena, no Vampire is innocent” bonnie said while entering the dungeon. I just gave her a look showing her I didn’t want to fight about it.

Caroline placed her in the chair and backed away knowing we had to place vervaine around her to make her stay weak and we also had to tie her up in ropes soaked in vervaine. We knew it would hurt but we had to do it. Bonnie was the one, I just couldn’t see her cry.

“I am going outside to make the call” I told bonnie before leaving the underground dungeon to get better reception.


“Hello Elena” he said in his seductive voice

“Hey Damon, I was just ringing you to tell you that there was a new vampire in town, she started school today. She is in Jeremy years and has taken a liking to him. We did what you said to do” I said scared that he might react in a different way.

“You did, surprised you guys had it in you, I am impressed, what’s her name?” he asked

“Well she was taking an interest in Jeremy, I didn’t want him getting involved in any of this, I already hate it that he knows about Vampires. Her name is Andy Stamons, she is from LA” I snapped back, just thinking about Jeremy getting hurt.

“Well keep her there and weak, we’ll be home tomorrow” he said before hanging up. When I was putting my phone, I suddenly heard crashes coming from below. I immediately ran down and saw Caroline being held by her neck.

“what are you doing to me” why are you giving me vervaine” she yelled making Caroline unable to breath.

“Bonnie do something, any magic that could help right now” I yelled at bonnie who was in the corner mumbling some Words and trying to remember certain spells.

“I Have, it’s not working, It’s like she is immune to it” I quickly shot her a glance while Stabbing another vervaine syringe in her neck and arms. At that stage she again dropped to her knees with weakness, we shoved her in and locked the gate so she couldn’t get out.

I rushed over to Caroline who was with bonnie on the ground.

“Your guys ok,” I asked with concern

“Yeah just fine” she replied sarcastically,

“Why didn’t your magic work, doesn’t it have effect on all vampires” I yelled at bonnie, who was deep in thought.

“I don’t know, it’s meant to work on all vampires.” She sadly said while starting to walk off into the woods. Looking back towards us she softly comments “whatever that is in there, she is not just a normal vampire”

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