Andrea Samantha Salvatore

First ever storry written. Please give feedback. Andrea is Damon & Stefan's little sister.She was the rock that held their family together.They thought she was dead.What happens when she returns will she be the thing that brings her family close again or will her past full of unexpected relationships be the things that destroys her family altogther.


7. Answers

Andrea P.O.V

It took us a while to settle down. Both Damon and Stefan gave me about 30 hugs each before we all decided that it was time we sat down and talked about some things.

“I think Bonnie should start with the questions since I believe she is dying to find out if she has a problem” Damon sarcastically said while rolling his eyes.

Bonnie just shot him a deadly stare. “Fine I will then, Andrea I did a spell that is meant to put vampires through pain. It’s meant to affect all vampires, but you didn’t even flinch when I did it. Why is that? “She said while moving to the lounge.

Everyone just looked at me waiting for the answer. I couldn’t help but burst out in laughter. “How is this joke to you” Bonnie said starting to get frustrated.

“I’m not laughing at that, it’s just you remind me so much of Emily, it’s scary” I said while walking over to get a drink.

“You knew Emily” she said curiously.

“Stefan smiled and pushed of from the fireplace. “ She didn’t just know Emily; they were Best friends, Inseparable. They did everything together.” He said while looking at me, he could tell it was a difficult topic.

Bonnie looked at me calming down a little. Still wanting to know the answer to the first question.

“Okay, fine I will tell you. Let’s just say I am half Witch, half Vampire.” I said with a cheeky tone. By this stage everyone was looking at me. Stefan had pushed of from the Fireplace.

“That’s impossible” Elena said while still sitting down.

I couldn’t help but laugh at her “Come on Elena, after everything you have found out these last couple of months, you think this is impossible? I asked not wanting an answer.

“I haven’t always been a Witch. It happened about 5 years ago. You see back then everything was going really good in my life. I was in love with this guy named Kane. I lived with him and his sister for about 5 years; you can say he was my hero in some way.” I stopped, knowing I was getting of topic. 

I then continued “He was a lot older vampire then me. He was running away from something or someone. He never really went into to detail about why or who but he loved me and knew he had to protect me. You see he was the type of guy to always be a step ahead from everyone and a lot of people didn’t like him because he was kind arrogant and blackmailed people.” I took a breath looking at all the different face expression. Both Damon and Stefan looked like they wanted to kill someone.

“One Night, that person had caught up to him in some way. He found me and tried to get me to tell him where Kane was, he knew it would get to Kane. Little did he know that he had already fled with his sister and told me he couldn’t take me with them. The guy didn’t listen though and he killed me”

“Killed you” Stefan asked really confused. Before he could continue I put my finger to him to stop.

“Please let me continue, anyway little did this guy know that Kane had already communicated with a witch who also contacted Emily from up above. Kane and Emily made some kind of agreement to protect me just in case I was killed. Anyway long story short. The witch casted a spell on me, which stated if anything happened to me and I was killed, I would get another chance of life but I wouldn’t be a vampire. I would be half witch because Emily agreed to channel her magic to me she also agreed to protect me only if Kane left town and never communicated with me again”

The room was quite, everyone was looking at me. You could sense the tension between all of us. Bonnie was the first to step up.

“Let me get this straight, you’re a witch?” she said while getting up of the lounge and walking towards me. I couldn’t really talk so I just nodded my head while she kept walking towards me.

“Prove it?” she said while stopping only a few feet away from me.

“You want me to prove it?” I said stumbling, thinking she was going to abuse me

“Fine I will” I said while turning round and grabbing a few candles and lighting them.

Before anyone could speak I closed my eyes and held my hands up. Within seconds the candles started flickering. I lifted my left hand up further and then all the candles on the left hand blew out. I then reversed the situation turning the right side of and lighting the left side again.

Everyone was looking around in astonishment.  “OMG, this is incredible, I can’t believe your also a witch” Elena said softly while starring at the scene in front of her.

“I have never heard of a half vampire and half witch” Damon said while coming towards me.

Looking around the room and seeing everyone starring at the candles, I couldn’t help but smile and get a tear in my eye. Stefan saw this and begun to come towards me to give me a hug. I put my finger up to stop him.

“They’re happy tears” I said while wiping the tear. “You see I never told anyone about this before.”

“Why not” Damon said while studying my face.

“It’s never been safe to tell anyone about it. You see what Kane and Emily did for me; no one has ever really done before. Due to the whole witches against vampires situation but somehow they made an arrangement. This there makes me unique and if certain vampires and witches found out, that a vampire is also a witch then….

“They will come after you and could use you” Stefan said finishing my sentence.

I just nodded “yeah imagine having a Vampire that isn’t effect by spells etc., but it is also because this just doesn’t make me unique but also makes me very powerful.

“Powerful. How Powerful? “Bonnie asked with curiosity.

I began to walk towards them. “Well I being half witch give me the same or even more power than you, just as same power you would have when you’re a little order. Adding the other half makes me one of the most powerful creatures alive. That’s why no one can find out; it’s just like Elena being the Doppelganger people want to use me. “I said hoping everyone would understand. Bonnie backed up and sat next to Caroline you could tell she was pretty cut finding out she is not the only witch in mystic fall.

“ Ok we all agree not to tell anyone about this, I have already lost you once not going to let that happen again” Stefan said with a friendly smile while puling me into a hug and looking down at me with sadness in his eyes.

“There is one thing that is still bugging me about this whole situation” Damon asked, which interrupted our moment. “Why did we think you were dead, like if someone told us we still would of looked for your body or something to make sure, but we just woke up in an old building and automatically believed you were dead.”  He said while looking at me.

He was right though; I woke up and automatically believed that my brothers were dead. Didn’t even consider that it was a lie.

“Your right, when I woke up I never reconsidered that it was a lie. That you two were possibly still alive. I said while glancing between my brothers.

“So what made you believe this” Elena said while standing up.

I walked back and forth nibbling my fingers, which is a usual thing I do when I am deep in thought. You could tell everyone was trying to figure out a meaning behind all of this. Caroline then stood up.

“What about compulsion” she said with a grin on her face. Damon just shot her a look.

“You know vampires can’t be compelled Barbie” he said while rolling his eyes making her frown while sitting back down.

“Know she might be right” I said while coming out of deep thought. Everyone looked at me with curiosity in their eyes looking for an explanation. “Compulsion is the only thing that explains why we didn’t even think that it could be a lie, right?” Stefan nodded but Damon was still not getting it.

“But we can’t be compelled by other vampires” he said while sipping his drink

“I know we can’t, but there is something else that can affect vampires” I said while looking at Stefan and knowing he had figured it out.

“A Witch”

 He said while putting his hands in his pockets. Everyone was looking at each other wondering if it was possible that a witch could cast a spell which is like compulsion but works on Vampires and can be that affective.

Elena looked at bonnie wondering what to say. “So you’re saying that a witch compelled you to think that each other were dead.” Bonnie said while going towards her spell book.

After I thought about it for a while I knew what had to be done to fix the problem. “So we know a witch did it, I have a friend Elizabeth, who is a very old witch she helped me when I was new, she can come down and work all this crap out, I will go call her” I said while going to get my phone to find her contact details.

“What do you mean work this crap out” Stefan said while looking between Damon and the rest of the group.

“Well you do what this compulsion off don’t you? I asked giving them a stern glance. They looked at me showing faces that didn’t really care if it was off or on.

“Look you might be thinking what’s the point of going through all of this just to get it off, we are reunited and that’s all that matters but if we don’t get this compulsion removed every day  we wake up we will still think each other are dead and we will still get the reaction and feeling that we had 30 minutes ago when we saw each other after nearly 30 years” I stated hoping they would get the point of getting it removed.

“OK so if you want it taken off, I can do it, I am a Bennett witch, it should be easy, saves us tracking down an old witch” Bonnie said while joining the little circle.

I looked at her thinking is she serious. I didn’t know how to tell her lightly. “ Bonnie no offense but your still a new witch there is no way you’re capable of pulling of a spell so powerful” I said quietly hoping she wouldn’t take it to the heart.

“You don’t know me, you haven’t been here and seen the spells I have done for them, I can at least try doing it” she said sounding a little angry that I questioned her. I couldn’t believe how much she was like Emily. So stubborn and thinking she could do anything.

I just looked at her thinking she was crazy, there was no way I was going to let her do it.

 “Bonnie this isn’t a competition about who is more powerful; trust me on this you don’t want to go anywhere near this magic.” I said while glancing at Stefan and Damon. “Have you ever heard of Dark Magic, Bonnie?” I asked hoping she had.

She just looked at me with a blank expression. “Um, bits and pieces” she softly stumbled realizing it was a powerful spell. I smiled softly at her

“Let’s just say whatever spell they used it would have to have some connection with Dark Magic and there is no way I am going to let you go anywhere near that kind of magic, even I wouldn’t go near it, Elizabeth is a very old witch and she has more knowledge about it and will probably no how to deal with it” I said, smiling knowing she had gotten the point

. Even though she was a Bennett witch she still had a long way to go. I kind of felt sorry for her, she doesn’t have anyone to turn to about her magic. I was grateful to have Elizabeth and I know it is time for me to be there for Bonnie. With that in mind I turned round and contacted Elizabeth and then wandered upstairs to my bedroom which was still the same as it was 150 years ago.  For a long time I was finally able to sleep well.

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