The One That Got Away (a niall horan love story)

A girl named kaitlyn, has fallen in-love with one of her best friends. Will he love her back? What happens when he finds out what happened to her when he was gone for the past year? Will he love or forgive?


1. Introduction haha

Hi! My name is kaitlyn Marie Cartor. I live with my brother Dylan because my mother died because of my fathers abution to her. My father on the other hand, didn't think that that is what it would come to so he went into a deep depression and past away. 

Some facts about me: 

directioner no hate!!!

i have green eyes and very long silky brown hair

no pets

i am 18 years young graduating in 2 months.... Yay!!!

best friend: Kyle and Niall James Horan :) even his name brings butterflies to my stomach. Ummm let's see..... I never get to see him ever sinse he moved away on a trip for his career. I am happy for him and all, but I miss him lots. I miss his adorable laugh, his beautiful ocean blue eyes that I could get lo- wait? What am I saying?!?!? He is my best friend. Plus even if I did love him, he could have any and I literally mean ANY girl he wanted. He was an international pop star for Christs sake! Anyways,  I got to go, bye for now!!!



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