Summer Love

When Dani and her friends miss their plane to a vacation hotspot, they thought their summer would be horrible. Little did they know about the adventure ahead


7. The Plane (Dani's POV)

The plane. Oh my god, the plane. It was literally bigger than my whole house. It was like a house, but it had a man cave. Where girls weren't allowed. We got introduced to the boys and got comfortable while the plane was taking off. I sat on the mini-couch next to Elle (who, like me, wasn't close to one of the boys) and Sasha and Harry were drinking virgin piña caladas at the mini bar (we were in the USA so it couldn't have alcohol) Louis talked to Eleanor on the phone, and Tammy and Liam played a board game on the rug. So me and Elle were watching a movie when the boys all decided to go off to the 'man cave' (with x-boxes and video games probably) so all the girls sat in a circle on the rug, like how we did in the airport. "I really like him! I think it might be something." Tammy said excitedly. "yeah, same with Harry! He said he would like to get to know me better!" said sasha. "umm..." I said looking at Elle awkwardly. Then the boys came back from their mancave. That was fast. "Hey girls whatcha doing" louis said loudly sitting in the middle of our circle. "nothin much" Elle responded in the same tone. I looked back at the rest f the boys and saw Zayn looking at Elle and smiling. He liked her. Great, now I was about to be the only single one, like always. I had never had a boyfriend. Elle had Conner and Chase, Sasha had Sam, Jake, and Romeo, and Tammy had Tommy and Jack. Yep, I was the only single pringle of my group. Then Sasha and tummy went off with their boys, and me and Elle sat down again. Soon enough, Zayn walked up. "Hey Elle. Do you want to get something to eat with me? I hear this plane has great food." he said. "Um yeah! I'd love to thanks!" she said. She started to get up then suddenly stopped. "Wait... Dani?" I cut her off, "Go ahead." she smiled and walked off. See, what did I tell you. Zayn and Elle. I continued watching my movie. I was reaallyy hungry but didn't want to go to the mini restaurant and ruin Zayn and Elle's date. I heard Niall and Harry talking and made out something about 'just doing it'. I assumed he ment asking out Sasha. A few minutes later Niall walked over. To me. And sat next to me on the couch. He had food with him. "What movie?" he asked me. "the lorax..." I said embarrassed, but to be truthful, I loved that movie. "oh I love this movie!" he said exited. I smiled and looked back at the screen. "Hey, want a chip?" he asked. "sure!" I said, exited. And then it kept getting good and then better. 

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