Summer Love

When Dani and her friends miss their plane to a vacation hotspot, they thought their summer would be horrible. Little did they know about the adventure ahead


3. Tammy's POV

Wow. I can't believe we just missed our flight. I'm not really blaming Dani, but I reaaaally wanted to go on vacation this summer. Whatever.  "Hey guys I'm gonna go get a book of brochure or something for the wait." "ok see ya" as I walked off I saw a huge group of screaming girls. I shrugged and kept on my way to the small airport bookstore. As I was browsing around looking for something to keep me occupied for a few days (incase you didn't know, if you are past the security and you miss your flight or it is delayed you have to wait there until you get another flight.) I heard the screaming girls getting closer. "I should probably move out of the path of the stampede, I thought.  Quickly turning the corner I suddenly ran into someone and fell while still carrying the 3 or 4 books I chose. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" is said picking up my books not bothering to look at the person. "No, really it was my fault" said a British accent. Looking up I saw Liam Payne. That's right, I saw FRIKIN LIAM PAYNE STANDING IN FRONT OF ME. "Umm are you okay?" he said. Whoops, I had been staring. "uh yeah, sorry." I said embarrassed. "That's fine love, I should be the one apologizing for knocking over a pretty girl like you." he said. Omg. Liam Payne just called me a pretty girl. My dreams just came true. Now I understood the screaming group of girls! One freaking direction was in the airport that I was stuck in. "oh uh thanks. So where are you going to?" I asked nervously. "well, the lads and I were headed to Bora Bora for summer vacation. We had a tour before this so it's nice to have time to relaxe" he said. "Oh really! I'm going to bora bora too! Or, I was until me and my friends missed our plane." I said. "oh I'm sorry to hear that. You know, you might be able to ride in our jet?" did I hear that right? Liam Payne invited me to ride in his one direction JET. "oh, that's okay I think we are going to be able to arrange another flight." Haha as if. I really wanted to ride in their jet but I was trying to be polite. "Nonsense.I'm sure we can squeeze you and your friends in somewhere." "Um okay!" I said as I suddenly heard something very loud. "OMG ITS ONE DIRECTION CAN YOU SIGN MY SHIRT!? OH IT'S NIEL AND LEWIS (yes they said it like that)" It was the fans! "oh, uh do you want to go somewhere else more... Quite? I'm Liam by the way." he said over the noise. "Yeah, sure. I'm Tammy." as we walked to the resteraunt we talked. A lot.  "Favorite color?" "Brown" "Favorite animal?" "Koala." and many more. I was literally having the best time ever when we got to the restaurant. "is pizza okay?" he asked. I hate pizza. Oh well. "yeah it's fine." we talked some more until the waiter got there. "I'll have two slices of pepperoni and sausage please" he told the waiter. "I'll have a small plate of pasta please." I told the waiter, like I said before, I hate pizza. "would you like marinara, pesto or white sauce with that?" none. "uh I'll just have Parmesan on top please." I smiled as he took the menus. "don't like pizza?" he said. "Not really." I said embarrassed. "You should have told me, we could have gone somewhere else!" he said. "sorry." I responded. Just then he got a call, "hello?" he said. I heard some sounds coming from the other line. "yeah that's fine. Also can we give a friend of mine a ride to bora bora?" more mumbling. "okay, thanks. I'll be there soon.". "who was it?" I asked. "management" he said. "they said we could take you but we have to leave in like 20 minutes." "okay. Thank you soooo much." I said trying to hide my excitement. "anytime. We better get going though, but you can eat your pasta first." "thanks" I said smiling.

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