Summer Love

When Dani and her friends miss their plane to a vacation hotspot, they thought their summer would be horrible. Little did they know about the adventure ahead


8. Sudden Stop

(Nialls POV) 

 Was having a great time with dani. We were watching the Lorax. Well, she was watching the  lorax, I was pretending to watch but it was hard to because everytime something funny happened she would laugh. A laught that was perfect. Truth be told she was a beautiful girl, but she looked like the kind who didn't know that. We were chatting and eating crisps when I got called into the other room.

"Niaaaaaalllllll!!!!!!" I could hear Louis yell.

"Not now mate!" I yelled back. 

"niiiaaaaaaalllllll we neeeaaaaaaadddd youuuuuuuu!!!!!!!" the all chorused.  Just then the other girls came in. Ugh all the boys must have been called.

"I'm coooooommmminnnnggg!!!!" I yelled into the general direction of the man cave. When I got there I saw uncle si. "SI!" I yelled giving him a hug. "Niall! Good to have you all here now," I drifted into my thoughts. Uncle si can be a bit... Not blunt? But on the inside he is a big softie. "so boys, since the plane is 16 hours and it has only been 3 so far, and it's 12:15 am plus the fact that there is a huge storm coming up, we have to stop in Los Angeles for the night." he said. 

"ummm okay. When are we getting to LA?" zayn asked. 

"about an hour. You boys will stay at the embassy suites." si said. 

"what about the girls?" Harry asked. 

" I don't really know. We can get them a room i suppose."

"AND THIS.... IS WHY WE LOVE YOU UNCLE SI" Louis yelled before flopping down on a pillow to play black-ops. I ran out to tell dani what the plan was. This is gonna be fun.

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