Summer Love

When Dani and her friends miss their plane to a vacation hotspot, they thought their summer would be horrible. Little did they know about the adventure ahead


4. Sasha's POV

Because Dani and Elle were checking out the food options and Tammy was off in who knows where I decided to go to the One Direction signing-don't get me wrong, normally I would LOVE to go to a One Direction signing-but today I got up early, missed my plane, haven't eaten since last night, and honestly I just wanted to take a nap. Anyway, I walked over to by a shirt for them to sign. So. Many. Screaming. Girls. I got a "One band. One dream. One Direction." shirt and got in line to get it signed. It took about one and a half hours but sure enough I got to the first boy. Zayn. Holy poo. He signed my shirt and asked me how I liked the new album. "I love it. Really nice songs" i said. "thanks love." next boy. Harry, oh my god, Harry is my absolute fav-o-rito. He barely looked up as he signed my shirt, I guess he was tired. He looked up and asked for my name, "Sasha" I said, exited for what he would right. Should I say something? What should I do? Oh god so many thoughts running through my head. "um, I love take me home. Great solo in over again." I said. "Thanks beautiful" he said. TO ME. 

"KEEP IT GOING. MOVE ALONG. THERE'S OTHER PEOPLE HERE!" people were saying rather loudly in my face. "eek sorry"  said and quickly moved along to Louis. That was it, my whole encounter with Harry. Not as exiting as the 'he tells the security guard to ask you too wait' or 'He says a witty pickup line' sort of things I had read in fanfictions and imagines over and over again. Not how I imagined it to be. "Hello, and how do you like the new album?" a voie interrupted my thinking. It was Louis, " I love it, thank you." The next boys passed quickly. I sat on a bench and looked at the signatures for a few minutes. The usual, "have a great day" or song lyrics. After a while I got thirsty and went to Starbucks to get a drink. I ordered and sat down, scrolling through my Instagram until my name got called. "I've got a strawberr frappachino for Sasha." as I walked up to takemy drink some randome guy in a hood took it. "um, excuse me, but I think that's my drink." I said tapping the guy on the shoulder. He turned around and it was HARY STYLES. "Oh I'm sorry love I thought she sai - hey I just signed your shirt." "yeah, that was me." we talked a bit after that and he gave my frappachino back. After about an hour and a half of talking he said, "hey you know, me and the boys are going to bora bora too so I could check if we have an extra bed on the jet..." "really!? Wow thanks! Even a couch would do! You know... If you don't want to or anything-" he cut me off "-hey, I'm the one who offered. And plus it would be cool to get to know you more... You seem really nice sasha." he said a bit quieter.  I smiled widely and he smiled with me.

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