Summer Love

When Dani and her friends miss their plane to a vacation hotspot, they thought their summer would be horrible. Little did they know about the adventure ahead


11. Hotel

(Tammy's POV) 

When we got the embassy suites everybody went to the rooms to unpack. We had three rooms for the 9 of us to share. Well, technically we had the whole hotel, everyone who was supposed to stay tonight and tomorrow night had gotten a full refund and a free complimentary gift from the gift shop. So the whole hotel was empty but we were only allowed to use three rooms. 

"So, who's staying in which room?" Harry broke the silence as we stood staring at the three doors in front of us.

"Whats nine divided by three?" Sasha said. She never was the smartest of the group. I was about to answer her when liam said, "three. so three people in each room."

"I CALL A ROOM WITH SASHA!" Harry yelled as sasha giggled.

"Okay, so sasha, Harry, Niall, aaand Dani in a room?" Liam said. I was talking to liam earlier and he mentioned how niall wants to get to know dani better so the boys are trying to set them up.

"I thought it was three in eac-" dani was cut off by harry saying, way to loud again, 

"NO, NO, FOUR IN ONE ROOM, TAMMY AND ELLE IN THE OTHER ROOM, AND LOUIS, ZAYN, AND LIAM IN THE LAST ROOM. THAT IS THAT, EVERYONE IN THEIR ROOM." Harry said clapping his hands and winking at niall. Niall looked so embarresed. I giggled and walked into the room i would be shareing with elle. I was glad it worked out like this because, im still SUPER close to Dani and Sasha, but im closer to Elle. 

(Dani's POV)

Well that was weird. Whatevs, as niall would say, im a carefree mofo. No boyfriends, no drama, no worries, no cares. As i like to say, "Live life, eat chocolate, and move on." Anyway, i walked into the room to find a small kitchenet, Two beds, a sofa bed with a HUGE flatscreen tv, and a bathroom. which i would have to share with boys. for three to four days. and my.. time of the month was supposed to come tomorrow. Just great. 

"Okay, Dani we get the bed near the window!" Sasha yelled as she printed towards the bed and flopped onto it.

"Haha, okay!" I yelled back as i put my stuff on the floor.

"Woa woa girls, please. Sasha, i think you might have to sleep in my bed tonight. Sasha looked confused for a seconed then got a look on her face that said, 'Oh, right, i forgot.' 

"Okay Hazza, maybe i will" She got an evil grin then tackled harry onto the bed and started tickling him. I was just standing there awkwardly when niall walked in.

"Niall, harry and i get this bed!" Sasha yelled while she was hitting harry with a pillow.

"Um, okay." Niall looked a bit confused. he set his stuff next to the bed. he looked a bit uncomfortable sharing a bed so i offered to sleep on the folding couch bed.

"Oh, no its fine." he said trying to look more comfortable. everybody changed and got in the beds. me and Niall frikin horan were in the same bed. I fell asleep soon and woke around 3 am. i had i nightmare. When i was little i used to get night terrors alot, but now i only get them mybe once every two months. Niall was shaking me when i woke up. i started crying and then i felt two strong arms wrap around me.

"Shh, shh, its okay, its okay." Niall was comforting me. and he kept comforting me until i fell asleep again. The next morning i opened my eyes and bright light and about six figures were infront of me.

"ooooh niall and dani are cuddlingg" Louis sang. Nialls arms pulled away from around me as he stood  and said,"shut up"

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