Summer Love

When Dani and her friends miss their plane to a vacation hotspot, they thought their summer would be horrible. Little did they know about the adventure ahead


12. Elle's POV

The next morning i got up around 9 am and woke up Tammy. We ran to Louis Liam and Zayn's room. 

"WAKEY WAKEY EGGS AND BAKEY" i yelled as we ran into the room (we all had keys for each others rooms) None of them moved a muscle. 

"Wake up sleepy head we have to check on the lovebirds!" Tammy said as she sat on the edge of Liam and Zayn's bed. 

"Louis! Get up!" Elle said. Liam and Louis slowly groaned and sat up.

Liam scratched his head and said "What time is it?" 

"9:30 in the morning." 

Zayn rolled over and fell off the bed. 

"UUGGHHH" He yelled still wrapped in blankets. After about ten minutes they were all awake and moving.

"oooooh niall and dani are cuddlingg" Louis sang when we saw dani wrapped in nialls arms. Nialls arms retracted as he stood up and told louis to shut up. We all went down to the breakfast room and went through a huge buffet table. Twenty minutes later we were done with our food.

"Can we go to the pool?" Dani asked when she finished chewing what must have been her 6th waffle.

"woohoo! pool time!" Harry and zayn yelled as they got up from their chairs and ran out of the room.

"i'll take that as a yes." Dani said. She stood up and tucked her chair in before jogging out of the door. the rest of us stood up and went to our rooms to change. The view from Dani and Sasha's room perfectly showed the pool. And the huge crowd of girls outside the fence. And the security guards putting up a wall infront of the pool so girls wouldnt be able to see the boys or climb the fence into the pool area. We had all gone swimsuit shopping before this so we had gorgeous new bikinis. We went down the empty elevator to the pool. 

"Hey, girls! Wanna join our chicken fights?" Louis shouted from across the giant bean shaped pool.

"Sure!" Dani screamed as she ran and jumped in the pool.

"Nah i'll pass i think i might do some tanning" Sasha pulled out her sunscreen and walked over to the two pool chairs.

the rest of us jumped in. 

"I will be with louis" Harry said

(Dani's POV)

"uh Elle do you want to be partners?" Zayn said 

elle bit her lip and said "Yeah i'd love to" 

"Me and Dani can be together" Tammy said

"Oh, uh actually i was hoping you would be my partner tammy" Liam said as he looked down

he finished off "No offense niall"

Niall laughed "None taken. Would you allow me the honer of having you as my chicken fight partner" He said to me as he did a bow

I giggled "Sure niall" after we all got on our partners shoulders we started to push each other. all of my friends are single children but i have three siblings so im a pro at this. It was all girls on top exept louis. Louis pushed over Elle and I pushed Tammy. 

"Go Dani!" Sasha yelled from the side of the pool where she had settled down with her feet in the water.

"We can do it!" Niall yelled from under me

"Bring it on!" Louis started to push me. I pushed back but he wasnt budging. I was losing but if you are going to go down, the other person might as well go down to, right? So i grabbed louis, closed my eyes and flung myself to the side, bringing louis and harry down with me. 



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