Summer Love

When Dani and her friends miss their plane to a vacation hotspot, they thought their summer would be horrible. Little did they know about the adventure ahead


5. Elle's POV

While Sasha and Tammy were out me and Dani looked t the food options. Pizza, pasta, sushi, Mexican, mexican, more pizza, frozen yogurt, barbeque, ice cream, Starbucks, petes coffee, subway sandwiches, Chinese, some diner type-thing, and a cafe. We were arguing over the food options when Tammy came back. I wanted barbecue and Dani wanted Mexican. "dude, el restaurante mexicano de pollo y vaca has churros. And burritos. And tacos. And tamales. And pupusas. And-" dani was saying when I cut her off. "hey tammys here. We will let her decide." I said. "fine." she replied. 

"Hey Tammy! Want Mexican or barbecue!?" I shouted across the airport waitin area. "choose Mexican-oh hello!" dani said surprised. Looking over I saw FLIPIN LIAM PAYNE STANDING NEXT TO TAMMY!!! "Hey guys I brought a friend who has offered to let us ride in his airplane to bora bora." she said casualy. She was bein strong there, I would NOT be able to say it that calm. "um hi. I'm Elle." I said shaking Liam's hand. "I'm Liam." a nudged dani with my elbow to get her to introduce herself. "Oh, uh, I'm Dani." she said. Just then Sasha came back too. And whata you know, she was standing with HARRY DARN STYLES. this is to much, why did I not go out and let dani eat whatever she wanted, maybe I would have met Zayn. "hey guys, oh, hi Tammy... Hi liam." Sasha said as she walked up. "um Harry here was just asking if we wanted a ride to bora bora with the boys." Sasha said. "woah woah waoh. So... Both of you met someone from one direction, both those people from one direction asked f we wanted to ride with them to bora bora, and I missed the whole fluffing thing because I was arguing about a Mexican place called "the chicken and cow mexican resteraunt'" dani said. "pretty much." said Harry. The next 20 minutes passed pretty fast as the boys were figuring out our travel plans and us girls all sat in a circle and listened while Tammy and Sasha told their stories. Liam nd Harry came over and told us that the flight would take 16 hours and we would get there around five or six am. They had one extra bed/seat thing and and a folding couch so we could sleep on those. "oh and guys, if our manager asks, you've known us since we were little okay?" they said, finishing off the mini speech. "got it, thank you guys so much." I said. And then we boarded the mini private jet. 

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