Give Me Love (13+)

Harry and Ryder have been friends ever since Harry auditioned for the X-Factor.
Ryder got a job as their personal stylist.
Harry decides to play with her feelings one day and uses her.
Ryder is heart broken but she keeps her head high and acts like he does not care.
Harry feels bad and try's to get her back,she says no.
Will he fight for her? Or Will he give up?
Will ryder go back to him? Or Will she fall for someone else?
Read Give Me Love to find out.


2. How It All Started (part one)


I was at home doing my nails when I got a call from harry.

"hello?" I said

"hey love are you home?" he asked

"umm yeah why?" I replied

"I wanted to know if I could come over?" he said

"yeah sure" I replied

"okay I'll be there in 30" he said

"okay bye"


I got of my bed and put on something more comfortable.

I put on my white lace pajama pants and a black V-neck.


I heard a knock on the door and walked downstairs to go answer it.

"hey" he said smiling

"hi" I smiled

I noticed he had two red wine bottles in his hand I looked at them and then his face.

He noticed what I as doing and said "one for you one for me"

"good thinking" I said while pointing a finger at him

He chucked and I opened the door further and let him walk in.

We walked outside and sat by the pool.

"I'll be right back" I said while getting up

I walked into the kitchen and got the wine opener and went back outside.


*After one bottles wine*

"I'm telling you Harry" I burped

"what was the farmer doing to the cow when he discover milk?!?!" I said while flailing my arms

He chuckled and took a sip of his wine.

"I don't know Lee why don't you ask?" he said

"I can't find the farmer" I said while pouting

Harry started laughing and took another sip from his wine, I noticed he had barely drank some of his wine.

"Maybe he's in the pool drowning....OH MY GOD HARRY WHAT IF HE IS I HAVE TO SAVE HIM" I said while jumping into the pool

I came back up and noticed harry was cracking up and choking on his wine.

I got out of the pool and walked up to him.

"Maybe you should go to bed" He said

We walked upstairs to my room he opened he door and I walked in he closed the door and locked it.

*Authors Note*

Hello Awkward Chumps this is my first fanfic ever!!!

So it may not be soo good

Anyway I will update every Tuesday and Friday..

Well That's All.....Stay Awkward!-LeeAnn



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