Baby Lux?

Remember that blonde haired baby?
Remember that little girl who we were jealous of ?
Remember that girl who had over three million twitter followers when she didnt even know what twitter was?
Remember that girl who had a 'Zux' fan fiction written about her?
Remember that girl who could bring a smile on everyone's face?
What happened......


3. Sorry


------LUX'S P.O.V-------


" Listen I'm really sorry, but i have to go."

I stared at him, waiting for a response.

" Its fine, oh and I know you think this date was lame."

he whispered the last part.

I was taken aback at his response.

Me being the soft hearted I leaned over the table and kissed his cheek,

" Call me" I whispered.

I sat back down.

I grabbed his hand.

" You don't have to be this nice"

he said looking down.

After a few moments he pulled his hand away.

A startling honk pulled us me out of the awkward tension.

I craned my neck to the direction of the noise.

A black RangeRover was pulled over in front of the restaurant.

The passenger side of the window rolled down.

Aunt Perrie's newly died sky blue highlights and black sunglasses fought my attention.

" Bye " I said getting up frm the table.

He stayed seated.

I rolled my eyes at his "gentleman" Iike manner.

I swiftly made my way through the restaurant.

Bumping into a few people along the way.

Awsome date.


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