Baby Lux?

Remember that blonde haired baby?
Remember that little girl who we were jealous of ?
Remember that girl who had over three million twitter followers when she didnt even know what twitter was?
Remember that girl who had a 'Zux' fan fiction written about her?
Remember that girl who could bring a smile on everyone's face?
What happened......


2. Present Day


10 Years Later

" So do you have a job?"

my date asked.

Yes I'm on a date, don't be jealous its not that great.

" No I'm actually in college. You?"

honestly I'm not really interested.

I should've brought Aunt Perrie with me.

" No, but I am in college as well."

He mumbled.

" Excuse me I gotta take this." I lied, honestly..

 I quickly dialed Aunt Perrie.

 " Pick up pick up" I murmured 

" Hello?" Her voice came through the speaker.

" FINALLY" I scream whispered.

" Hello to you too" she sassed, I rolled my eyes.

" Pick me up at PLEASE" I begged.

" Hate your date" she assumed

" ya maybe" I sighed.

" Be there in ten" 

" thanks"

I quickly hung up and rushed back to the table.

" Sorry about that" I said as I found the table.

 He simply nodded.

Great ten more minutes of awkwardness.


ten like and/or favorites ill update.



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