Baby Lux?

Remember that blonde haired baby?
Remember that little girl who we were jealous of ?
Remember that girl who had over three million twitter followers when she didnt even know what twitter was?
Remember that girl who had a 'Zux' fan fiction written about her?
Remember that girl who could bring a smile on everyone's face?
What happened......


5. Life Isn't Perfect


I'm so freaking sorry I haven't updated in a five million years!! I feel so bad and I really will try to update more! I've just been distracted by some stuff. I'll try to at least give one chapter every week. Enjoy lovelies xx


-----Back to the Date---

   I hoped into the car, closing the door with a harsh slam. Making Aunt Perrie jump. "You okay love?" her soothing voice calmed me down a bit. I fought back the tears that were threatening to slip out soon. I loved him so much, but I never got to say goodbye. All the memories I shared with him, every single day, every kiss, all stored in my heart. But now he's up there, as happy as ever. While I'm stuck here... I gave her a small smile "I'm fine" She gave me a sympathetic smile and started driving. "Perrie..." I asked, my voice so small. She hummed in response "Why is my life like this?" She let out a small sigh " People throw rocks, at things that can shine"


short and rubbish. Truly sorry about that. Comments would be much appreciated. And to clear up any confusion she wasn't talking about the douche bag she went on a "date" with. Anywho, comments, likes, favs, and critic would be much appreciated. Baaiiii! -Chloe x

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