Baby Lux?

Remember that blonde haired baby?
Remember that little girl who we were jealous of ?
Remember that girl who had over three million twitter followers when she didnt even know what twitter was?
Remember that girl who had a 'Zux' fan fiction written about her?
Remember that girl who could bring a smile on everyone's face?
What happened......


1. Introduction


    10 Years Ago

" Let's make you a twitter"

Harry exclaimed rushing Baby Lux into his room.

Lux's giggles filled the cream colored hallway as Harry ran spun her around.

He set her down on the bed.

Her pulled out his white laptop and quickly typed his passwords.

Lux, not being aware of the situation, found a gray beanie lying down on the bed.

" Alright" Harry breathed.

Lux pulled on the oversized beanie.

The cotton material fell over her eyes.

She tugged the end of the hat, pulling it back up.

" Done"

Harry's emerald eyes glistened as the screen reflected of the digital screen.

" Follow baby lux: @baby_lux please :))"

he read his tweet out loud.

" What do you think?"

he asked Lux, who was currently twiddling her thumbs.

She looked up.

She fluttered her eyes, " Hawwey" she giggled.

" I like it too"

Harry let out a chuckle realizing the she has no idea what's happening.


hiiiii :))

hope you guys like this story so far.

Feedback welcomed:))

Ill continue after 5 likes and/or favorites.

if both the I will double the update

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