Baby Lux?

Remember that blonde haired baby?
Remember that little girl who we were jealous of ?
Remember that girl who had over three million twitter followers when she didnt even know what twitter was?
Remember that girl who had a 'Zux' fan fiction written about her?
Remember that girl who could bring a smile on everyone's face?
What happened......


4. Bleeding Love


*2 years earlier*


My shrieks filled the room. Darkness...Pure darkness.. I felt a pain in my lower region causing me to shriek. I was supposed to give my virginity away to whom I married. But sadly life isn't like that. So many tears were bursting out my eyes that I couldn't believe I was still crying. His slimy hands touched me, making me whimper and cringe. His touches were nothing like my true love's.. I can't believe me true love is gone forever. Hes in a better place now.

    The unnamed man's cold, chapped lips connected with my skin. I became silent as he kissed my neck. Why out of all people, did this have to happen to me. Using all the power I had left in me, I pushed him off. He stumbled back in shock. I got off the bed and ran to the door, luckily it was unlocked. The man was making his way over to me, but before his grotesque hands could come in contact with my bare skin. I ran out of the house and into the streets. I was still naked, but that no longer mattered to me. I ran as fast as could to a place where I could hide. I received worried, disguisted, and looks of all kinds from passer bys. I ran into a near by coffee shop. "Help! Someone call the cops! There's a madman out to get me!" The young man at the counter gave me a strange look, but soon after the man bursted into the shop. "Stay back!" he said while grabbing me, "Let us go and no one gets hurt! Except little miss Teasdale over here" he had murder and craze in his eyes as he held a rusty knife up to my neck. The man at the front counter quickly dialed 999.

He gripped my hair pulling my head back. I bit my lip in pain. He smirked and harshly kissed my lips. Sirens could be heard outside. Everyone in the coffee shop hid and some shrieked while tears rolled down their cheeks. I felt a deep pain in my right shoulder. I fell to the floor in pain. All I remember next was the door bursting open, but the man quickly walking out of the back entrance. I was then swallowed by darkness.


Author's note

Hello to my Bad Asses :)

Im very sorry I haven't updated for quite some time, but I hope this chapter keeps you excited until tomorrow :) So now I bet all of you are wondering what happened to Lux, who was her true love, and who was the sick man. I can't say, but I'd love to hear your predictions in the comments below :) 

Until next time-

Chloe xx

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